Being the channel-focused organization that we are, Net-Results continually combs the interweb to locate more thought leadership and practitioners of demand generation strategies. As such, I’ve decided to roll out 53 (yes, 53. Don’t ask.) of our favorite influencers in the world of Marketing Automation and Demand Generation.

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These experts are at the forefront of their industries; they’re knowledgeable about a range of focus areas that, together, capture what’s happening (and what’s coming) in the world of digital marketing.

Lists are fun, right? Who doesn’t like a good list of people to follow?

If you’re trying to stay relevant with new marketing tactics and strategies, brainstorming for your next blog post subject or attempting to keep on top of the trending topics in your industry then these are the folks I think you should be following. At this point you may be considering the question why. Why, Chaz, should I care about your list of 53 digital marketing influencers? It’s simple. I think these people know their stuff, I think that following them together gives me (and therefore you) a well-rounded perspective on the digital marketing landscape and in bang-for-your-buck, keep-your-interns-aware-of-the-space-ness, these are the “it” people.

I built this list based on each person’s relevancy to the overall digital marketing landscape. The people on the list are knowledgeable about a variety of subjects including sales, content marketing, B2B Marketing, social media, SEO, and marketing automation. I have also included links to each influencer’s blog and Twitter handle.

1. Craig Rosenberg | Twitter Blog
2. Andrew Hunt | Twitter Blog
3. Matt Heinz | Twitter Blog
4. Ian Michiels | Twitter Blog
5. Don Peppers | Twitter Blog
6. Brian Massey | Twitter Blog
7. Dan Stasiewski | Twitter Blog
8. Joe Pulizzi | Twitter Blog
9. Lee Odden | Twitter Blog
10. Ann Hadley | Twitter Blog
11. Avinash Kaushik | Twitter Blog
12. Joe Chernov | Twitter Blog
13. Chris Pearson | Twitter Blog
14. Paul Dunay | Twitter Blog
15. Ardath Albee | Twitter Blog
16. David Raab | Twitter Blog
17. Doug Kessler | Twitter Blog
18. Andrew Spoeth | Twitter Blog
19. Wendy Marx | Twitter Blog
20. Andrew Gaffney | Twitter Blog
21. Michele Linn | Twitter Blog
22. Shelly Kramer | Twitter Blog
23. Peter Shankman | Twitter Blog
24. Brian Eisenberg | Twitter Blog
25. David Meerman Scott | Twitter Blog
26. Shawn Collins | Twitter Blog
27. Geno Prussakov | Twitter Blog
28. Missy Ward | Twitter Blog
29. Daniel Burstein | Twitter Blog
30. Lisa Arthur | Twitter Blog
31. Jeff Sheehan | Twitter Blog
32. Michael Brenner | Twitter Blog
33. Chad Pollitt | Twitter Blog
34. Carlos Hidalgo | Twitter Blog
35. Brian Hansford | Twitter Blog
36. Mari Smith | Twitter Blog
37. Lisa Barone | Twitter Blog
38. Pam Moore | Twitter Blog
39. Melinda Emerson | Twitter Blog
40. Michael Stelzner | Twitter Blog
41. Paul Gillin | Twitter Blog
42. Tanya Goodin | Twitter Blog
43. Eric T. Tung | Twitter Blog
44. Neal Schaffer | Twitter Blog
45. Tom Webster | Twitter Blog
46. Pete Cashmore | Twitter Blog
47. Brian Solis | Twitter Blog
48. Rand Fishkin | Twitter Blog
49. Michael Gray | Twitter Blog
50. Matt Cutts | Twitter Blog
51. Dave Naylor | Twitter Blog
52. Danny Sullivan | Twitter Blog
53. Robert Rose | Twitter Blog

These are my favorite influencer individuals for taking the pulse of the digital marketing space. Do you have other influencers you follow? Want to guess why I picked exactly 53? Let me know in the comments below!

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