One, All-Inclusive Price.

All The Features You Need.

Our Customers Love Our Pricing: No Surprises or Hidden Costs.

Only Pay For Contacts You Can Actually Contact.

Mailable Contacts
Annual Billing
Monthly Billing
<2,500 $800/month $960/month
<5,000 $1,200/month $1,440/month
10,000 $1,750/month $2,100/month
25,000 $2,150/month $2,580/month
50,000 $2,550/month $3,060/month
75,000 $3,000/month $3,600/month
100,000 $3,500/month $4,200/month
150,000 $4,000/month $4,800/month
200,000 $4,500/month $5,400/month
300,000 $5,000/month $6,000/month
400,000 $5,500/month $6,600/month
500,000 $6,000/month $7,200/month
>500,000 We serve many companies with millions of contacts. Let's chat.

Annual agreement required: We’re the only marketing automation platform that includes setup, onboarding, training, and unlimited live US support with every subscription at no extra cost. We commit our team and time to your success.

Mailable Contacts = contacts with a valid email address that have not bounced and are not unsubscribed.

All Net-Results plans come with…

The Net-Results platform is available to you at one single, transparent price point determined by the size of your database*. No surprises and no hidden costs.

*Large volume email sender? Ask us about high volume pricing. 

All platform features included.

There is no “premium” plan and there are no add-ons. You get the full suite of tools, all the time.

Unlimited CRM Users.

You won’t get charged extra for users who don’t actually do anything in the platform!.

Unlimited onboarding, training, and support.

Our top-rated team is there for all our customers, not just the big ones that pay extra!

Unlimited API Calls.

Integrate to your heart’s content.

Unlimited Users.

Actually, we don’t charge you for the amount of users, at all! 🙂

“Net Results is my company’s 3rd MA platform and it is by far the best. They focus on ease-of-use and great support, which is a necessity given how complex Marketing Automation can be.”

Ken Barber

The Search Monitor.

“Our marketing organization would be dead in the water without Net-Results. It’s is a must have marketing automation tool with robust features, great support and it is easy to use. The industry leading product features are supported by an equally or possibly even better support team.”

Yvonne Smith

Marketing Manage, Total Phase

“We feel like we have an extra Marketing person on our team, using Net-Results. I find Net-Results has 2nd to none customer support that will beat any collection of online training hands-down. Net-Results pays for itself with a better representation of your business.”

Alfredo H.

Informative People Inc.

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