Yes, it has that.

A full-featured marketing automation platform for mid-sized and established small businesses.

 Identify prospects whose timing is changing to your advantage

 Build relationships with those whose timing is yet to change

 Attract prospects and move them through the funnel at scale

Insights & Analytics

Dashboards You’ll Be Anxious to Share

Clean, attractive dashboards that even your designers will stop to look at. Success should be fun to share.

Attractive, Accurate Reports

Increase clarity and visibility across your organization with easy to digest, scheduled reports.

Flexible Lead Management

Automate Marketing Workflows

Easily execute campaigns you could only dream of in the past. Master your funnel.

Trigger Marketing Events with a Click

Trigger automated tasks based on simple events or sophisticated segments.

Automated Marketing List Management

Communicate with confidence. Know that your messages are reaching the proper audience.

Powerful Tools for Inbound Marketing

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Create great looking, mobile responsive emails in just minutes – no HTML knowledge required.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Quickly build & publish intelligent web forms with Progressive Profiling to capture leads efficiently.

Drag & Drop Landing Pages

Convert more visitors with attractive landing pages and Calls to Action.

Social Media Management

Schedule social media posts. Track and score prospects based on social media interactions.

CRM Integrations That Work From Day 1

One Hour Setup ensures that marketing & sales are working from the same page from day one.

Sales Alerts & Enablement

Send trackable emails straight from CRM Lead & Contact records. Get prospect activity alerts instantly.

Sales Workflow Automation

Streamline followup and repetitive inside sales processes with triggered tasks and automated sales workflows.

Outlook Plugin

Send trackable emails straight from Outlook. Gives insight to your sales team when a lead is engaging and when is the best time to follow up.


Net-Results integrates seamlessly with all leading CRMs, as well as numerous other software platforms.

Got something custom? No problem, our API has you covered.

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