Social media is quickly taking over as our way of communicating. Ten years ago if you wanted to organize a meeting at a certain time and place, a conversation over a phone occurred. Now a tweet or post on social media will accomplish the same goal. Social Media is becoming the de-facto way to communicate with others efficiently but without actually having a conversation. Think of all the people you have met in your life but over time have lost communication with them. Now with social media, that person you met ten years ago, and even the person that you met ten minutes ago, could find you and reconnect.

The Positive Impact of Social Media On Our Culture

Some people suggest that social media has negatively affected our society today by placing a barrier between face-to-face communication. While there are some instances in which that could be true, you should also think about the positives that social media has created for us. Communicating more efficiently, updates on family and friends, sharing of photos without the delay of the mail or simply the connection of people across the world. An example of this that comes to mind is when someone travels abroad for a lengthy amount of time and cannot communicate by telephone. That person now has the tool of social media to update their whereabouts and upload pictures for people to view. The model of quick contact that’s targeted at a specific group or interested audience has its legs in business communication as well.

Connecting Through Nurture Campaigns

Professionally, when a sales team makes a phone call or sends an email to a prospect they are connecting with that person. After that initial connection the sales team needs to make sure they stay connected with that lead. When there are thousands of different prospects it is hard to remain connected with each one. One way to keep connected with these leads without having to contact each one every time is to setup a lead nurture campaign. This campaign will start after the first email is sent and will send follow up emails to the prospects to make sure the company stays connected with them. These follow up emails are not just reminders that the prospect received an email or phone call but will have content that is relevant to each lead and can be based on their actions from the prior email. Lead nurturing campaigns do exactly what they say, which is nurturing or staying connected with leads in a funnel but without the constant focus on every prospect by a sales team.
Social media is the way that the public stays connected and nurturing campaigns are the way marketing and sales teams stay connected with their prospects. When it’s time to deliver information to prospects and clients, it’s good to be connected.

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