Curious about account-based marketing (ABM) and whether it’s a good strategy for your organization? We’re hosting a roundtable discussion about ABM through BMA Colorado on April 24th. Meredith Giersch, our Director of Channel Optimization, will explain how to implement ABM from strategy to execution. Since it’s such a hot topic (and there aren’t very many seats left!) we thought we’d offer some resources about this strategy here on our blog.

We’ve gathered 4 posts below that do a great job explaining how account-based marketing works and what you can do to get started with it.

1. Believe the Hype: You Should be Doing Account-Based Marketing

by Megan Heuer, VP & Group Director of Data Driven Marketing at Sirius Decisions

Some highlights:

  • “I firmly believe some form of ABM is a good idea for nearly every company.”

  • “Like most things that deliver a real competitive advantage, however, the logic of ABM is simple but the delivery takes some effort.”

  • “ABM is a sensible evolution for the next phase of sales and marketing alignment and it works well with the reality of the buyer’s journey. It also ties in with marketing’s increasingly sophisticated ability to blend inbound and outbound execution to match customer needs in real time.”

  • “Define goals with sales and use account insights to make better tactical choices.”

2. Are you Ready for Account-Based Marketing?

by Matt Senatore, Research Director of Account-Based Marketing at Sirius Decisions

Some highlights:

  • “With ABM, it’s essential to engage customers in a differentiated, relevant way.”

  • “Sales needs to be involved in the marketing content planning process!”

  • “Since b-to-b marketing organizations don’t have endless resources, focus on where those limited resources can make the biggest impact.”

3. Three Reasons Why Account-Based Marketing Should Be a Priority in B2B…And 5 Steps for Getting Started

by Lauren Goldstein, VP of Strategic Planning at Babcock & Jenkins

Some highlights:

  • “ABM is a game-changing approach for engaging customers and prospects in a way that’s truly relevant to them, their business challenges and their organization.“

  • “Proving your organization understands the specific needs of your prospect will help you establish credibility and build customer confidence.”

  • “Gain internal alignment between sales and marketing to ensure the most attractive accounts (and contacts) are selected as a focal point.”

4. Account-Based Marketing: 11 Tactics to Drive Your ABM Process

by Craig Rosenberg, the Funnelholic and a co-founder of Topo

Some highlights:

  • “The core idea is to create a completely aligned sales and marketing process that builds relationships with a very specific and very targeted set of accounts.”

  • “Retargeting is a great way to repeatedly engage a specific account as employees from that account consume online content.”

  • “If you are focused on target accounts, then tell your lead generation vendors that you are only buying leads from these companies. The cost-per-lead will be higher but it’s certainly worth the price for supporting account based marketing efforts.”

Segmenting based on IP address or company name allows you to tailor campaigns for specific accounts within a marketing automation platform. We’re seeing an increase in this sort of segmentation and more use of account-based marketing strategies. Is your organization considering account-based marketing?

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