Each month Net-Results chooses one of our global channel partners to feature in a “Spotlight” interview. The firm we choose is a Net-Results partner with a compelling offering who is a leader in their industry.  We publish our Partner Spotlights to our blog and in our newsletter for people to learn from their experiences.  Check out our interview from August 2013 with Customersonly.
Customersonly is a social commerce agency delivering a new marketing mix that creates strong brands and breakthrough business value. Customersonly helps clients create new high quality ways to enhance the dialog with their customers across all channels of social and traditional media. Customersonly is based in Sweden and works across all the nordic countries with world-class clients such as Toyota, Lexus, Eniro, The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, Cognizant and Swedavia. Check out our interview with Niklas Nasen, Solutions Architect & Data Scentist at Customersonly, one of our top partners in the European region.

Q: Give us 3 words to describe your company.
A: Redefining customer communications
Q: What is a common pain point in lead management you see with your customers?
A: Lack of Marketing Technology understanding (What it is vs. What it isn’t)
Q: What are the 3 most important technology tools you use?
A: Big Data Analytics, Marketing Automation and Mobile Customer Portals
Q: If you could, what would you automate in your life?
A: Driving to work
Q: In 3 words, how would you describe Net-Results?
A: Flexible, Value for money, Independent

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