What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas? Well, considering I am writing this blog for my internship, I certainly hope it does! However, there are a few things that do leave Vegas with you. One thing that I took home with me was a $10 chip from our casino, but more importantly, a sensory over load from all the lights, advertisements and guerilla warfare tactics companies’ use in advertising.

Marketing Bliss

As a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, going to Vegas for Spring Break was a fun and oddly educational experience. Almost done with my classes for graduation as a communications and marketing major, I felt pretty knowledgeable about marketing and advertisement campaigns, but Vegas definitely has its own style.

Flashing Lights

Instead of marketing campaigns designed to appeal to one or a few demographics, it felt like every company in Vegas just wanted to have the biggest brightest ads with enough flashing lights to give someone a seizure. I couldn’t help but look around and think that it was not only a colossal waste of energy, but also a huge waste of time. Every sign and billboard blended together until it was just a blur of neon flashing lights. How much money could these companies save if they used Marketing Automation techniques to market and advertise more directly to the people they really wanted to give their product to? While I agree that flashing signs can be an affective marketing tool, in this setting they just become background stimulus.

Targeted Marketing

One of the most effective marketing automation techniques that I experienced while being in Vegas was the directness of the club promoters. They had a set goal everyday: get as many pretty girls into their clubs as possible. And come hell or high water, they were going to meet that goal. It was easy to spot a club promoter, they were usually a cute, very outgoing boy, who at any given moment, was probably talking to a group of pretty girls, getting their names and numbers so that he could put them on his VIP list. Whether it was giving us complimentary drinks, tables, or VIP access, the club promoters were willing to use everything in their power to get us to their club for the night. Using this marketing technique also created an impromptu word of mouth marketing campaign for the club; the more pretty girls going to a club the more likely it is boys in Vegas will be to pay the cover and then buy multiple drinks for the rest of the night.
While the club promoter’s strategy was effective most of the time, they definitely asked a lot of girls to come to their clubs that did not end up showing up. Similarly, marketing automation is an excellent tool for companies seeking effective ways to reach customers more directly with their marketing by targeting the right prospects at the right time. Even though there are literally hundreds of clubs in Las Vegas, the most popular ones definitely used direct marketing campaigns to find the people they most wanted in their clubs. Marketing bliss through targeted marketing.

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