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P.S. If you missed last month’s updates, you can check them out here.

New Supported Custom Field Types

Syncing your data between your CRM and Net-Results is now more powerful than ever with the addition of three new custom field types.

Text Area Field Type
The first of the three is the Text Area field. Similar to a normal text field, but the character limit is bumped up to 1024 characters. This is perfect for storing notes or other related information that cannot be handled in a text field.

Decimal Field Type
This field was added to support the use of decimals. Do you have information that you need to save on an account or contact such as the company’s annual run rate? This can be done with the new decimal custom field with ease.

Boolean Field Type
A clear the winner for the strangest name, the new boolean field adds a lot of power to your Net-Results account. A boolean field has a value of True or False. This can be used to store a contact’s actions such as registering for a demo for example:

This can then be used when creating a segment to find all of your contacts that have or have not registered.

Did you know?
Any of the three new field types can be used for segmentation. We pride ourselves in having very strong segmentation capability, so try it yourself and include the new field types to make your segments better than ever.

Any of these three new field types can also be added to a Contact or to an Account by creating a new custom field.

Helpful Information Available if You Need It

We know that when you are in the middle of working on something important and you have a question, you don’t have time to look for the answer. That is what we introduced a contextual help icon for each page in Net-Results.

If there is ever a question, look to the top right of the page next to your email address. There is a new help icon there that will link directly to the relevant page in our new knowledge base.

Still not sure? Look to the bottom of the page. We updated the Contact Support link to our new form for our friendly team to reach out and resolve your issue.

Bug Squashed

An issue was reported that could prevent you from up syncing a custom date field to your Salesforce instance. This bug has been resolved.

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