Digital marketing is becoming increasingly technical. Marketing automation (and other technical marketing applications) are becoming mainstream. Therefore, the demand for specialists that can actually use these applications.

Adoption of marketing automation software, for example, is a big problem. Organizations often lack the proper skills to train their marketers in use of the software. Which is why at Net-Results we employ a proactive process with new customers to help them get going.

But you know what we really need in marketing? The ability to cut the crap and make decisions. To realistically oversee a situation and set direction. That’s what I learned as Director of Revenue at Net-Results Marketing Automation.

As a marketing automation consultant, I walked into many a marketing department where nobody really knew what they were doing or where they were going. That’s not intended to bash any of my awesome customers: it’s simply because marketing can be 1) utterly overwhelming in terms of choices available and 2) still often considered an expense.

Marketing is an investment into your sales pipeline. That’s what it should be. Not an afterthought. Not the department of pretty pictures. A clear way of driving revenue – and if it isn’t, it needs to become that.

So, my answer to this question? Cutting the crap, creating clarity and get going. Those are the skills most high in demand.

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Henrik Becker

Marketing Automation Consultant