Dynamic Content for Emails Begins Phased Rollout

We’re excited for you to see and use the fantastic Dynamic Content capabilities we’ve added to the drag & drop email builder!

We’ll be rolling this out in phases. You’ll see a notification in your account when this great new feature goes live for you. We’ll also send an email in your direction.

Want to check it out now? There’s a video and documentation in the knowledge base!

Simplified API Usage

Triggering one-off emails via the Net-Results API (like shipping confirmations amongst other use cases)? This just got easier!

The Conversation::sendEmail() and Conversation::sendContent() methods each allow you to send one-off emails. These API methods have always required that you pass a Net-Results Contact ID and an Email ID (for the sendEmail method) or actual email content (for the sendContent method).

Both of these methods now allow you to pass an email address instead of a Contact ID. If a Contact with a matching email address already exists in your account, we’ll send the email to that Contact. If we can’t find that email address, we’ll create a Contact for you, then send them the email.

Both methods continue to accept a Contact ID as well, so if you’ve already implemented these methods there’s nothing you need to change.

The idea is that you pass either a Contact ID or an email address, but not both. Should you pass both a Contact ID and an email address, we’ll ignore the email address and use the Contact ID.

This is a great reduction in the amount of effort required to implement these API methods!

We’re getting the API documentation updated as well but wanted to let you know about this nice improvement now.

Did you know?
You can “tag” Conversation (one-off) emails and then filter the Conversations Dashboard based on those tags. Tags are a powerful tool!

Dynamic Email Subject Lines for One-Off Emails Triggered via API

Speaking of one-off emails, it’s already been possible to merge dynamic content into any Net-Results email template using the Conversation::sendContent() method. Today we’ve made the subject lines of those emails dynamic as well.

Go ahead. Get trigger happy! (we think that’s pretty funny, some marketing automation humor there)

Bug Squashed

We resolved an issue that could prevent you from deleting a Segment used in a one-off (immediate) Report.

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