Each year, we look to new and emerging trends, especially in the realm of marketing automation (what can we say? We’re MA nerds!). However, due to the nature of our software, we’re pretty jazzed about digital marketing trends in general! Considering you, reader, are also in the marketing sphere, we’re guessing the same may be true for you (just a guess). 

2021 is a year many have looked forward to since, well, March of 2020. With the overwhelming anticipation of a new, brighter year, we’re doubling down our focus on up-and-coming trends we’re expecting to see in the world of digital marketing and marketing automation. 

Read on and gather a feel for what 2021 is sure to bring in the world of marketing!

Trend #1: Personalization will reign supreme

For a while, personalization felt a bit too gimmicky for most companies—we get it…everyone was doing it (i.e. “Hey [First_Name]!” subject lines)!

That being said, in 2021, companies will be expected to utilize personalization not just for subject lines, but to individualize the customer’s journey. 

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What does this mean for you and your team? Create more dynamic, personalized content. Rework your nurturing campaigns so they include dynamic content tailored to your specific buyer—don’t just lump them in with everyone else! 

Consider 2021 the year of the individual. Market to the individual, focus on personalization, and ensure each buyer is receiving information that’s relevant to them

Buyers are getting smarter, y’all. Let’s keep up and let them know why we deserve their business.

Trend #2: Marketing Automation software will take center stage

In 2019, around 50% of businesses were already using marketing automation tools, and that rate continues to grow. According to Research and Markets’s 2020 survey, it’s anticipated that the marketing automation market will reach 8.42 billion by 2027. 

Holy guacamole! The future looks bright for marketing automation companies (whew!).

Due to the rising significance of marketing automation solutions in marketing and sales departments worldwide, marketing automation is looking to become hotter than ever as businesses double down on increased revenue, average deal size, customer retention, and more. 

What does this mean? It means if you already use marketing automation software (hopefully Net-Results), you’re making fantastic, strategic moves already! If you’ve yet to purchase MA software, why not give us a once-over? We don’t bite!

Trend #3: Content will continue to focus on current events

2020 was a tough year and 99% (just a guess) of companies ended up having to pivot from their “regularly scheduled programming” to focus on the issues that truly matter. 

We don’t expect this trend to disappear any time soon. 

While we’re all hoping for 2021 to right the ship, the truth is we’re still struggling with the aftermath and continued repercussions of the past. As a result, it’s important to build a flexible content schedule. These days, who knows what historic event is right around the corner!

Just remember: Relevant content gets clicks. It’s important to know, and share with your team, that entire marketing strategies can, and should, be scrapped or rescheduled if current events call for it. No one likes a tone-deaf company spouting “BOGO” offers on Instagram while the literal world around them is burning (dramatic, but you get the idea). 

Read the room, continue to be flexible, and never be afraid to pivot!

Trend #4: Email marketing will be the new customer success (CX) starting point

CX can be described as the brand impression customers gain throughout their entire customer journey. That being said, it’s predicted that email marketing will enhance (and initiate!) your CX more than ever in 2021. 

With the aid of marketing automation tools like Net-Results, email marketing, and email campaign strategy has (thankfully) never been easier.

A highly integrated, powerful marketing automation platform allows you to send personalized email marketing campaigns to each of your customers, all while delivering a strong impression of who you are as a company. Who doesn’t want that?

2021 is the time to buckle down and assess your email marketing strategy. After all, first impressions are everything in the digital world!

So get started on the right foot and delve into the world of marketing automation to enhance your email marketing strategy. Brand impression matters, especially when it comes to CX!

Trend #5: Marketing Automation platforms will become more powerful than ever

It’s no news to us that marketing automation software holds tremendous power in the digital marketing world; yet, in 2021, we’re sure to see increased capabilities and integrations with this robust software. 

Here at Net-Results, we can say with confidence that our software will continue to evolve and strengthen its capabilities for current customers and new throughout 2021 and well beyond. Our backbone consists of consistent improvement and thoughtful innovation, and we’re not letting up any time soon! When it comes to powerful marketing automation platforms, we’re your best bet!

Self-promotion aside, the increase in MA innovation will allow marketers to better convert qualified leads, create personalized, meaningful content, and track results. It’s a digital marketing dream come true!

Now sure, we may be biased, but 2021 seems like the perfect time to try out Net-Results Marketing Automation Software. You want to stay on-trend, right?

Each new year brings a whole new slew of trends. We’re excited to see the leaps and bounds digital marketing and marketing automation will take in 2021. 

Actually, we’re just excited about 2021 in general! 

If you’re looking to stay on-trend and invest in marketing automation software (now’s the time!) be sure to give us a call today! The digital marketing world is yours this year—make the most of it! We know we will.

Happy marketing!

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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