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Net-Results YouTube integration allows you to build a more complete picture of your contacts, their activity, and guide them further down the funnel by triggering highly targeted nurturing actions.
YouTube is the undeniable leader in social video sharing, making it a central component to any digital social marketing strategy. Get started with connecting YouTube viewing activity to your leads with Net-Results.

What can I do with the YouTube integration?


  1. Monitor & Record Video Interaction

    Net-Results tracks who clicks on your videos, and even knows how much of the video was viewed by each contact. All of the activity is easily viewable in a contact’s Net-Results Activity Stream.
    Your sales team has access to the exact same information from within your Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, or your custom CRM.
    YouTube Marketing Automation Integration

  2. Trigger Actions Based on Video Interaction

    You can trigger dozens of different actions, based on a lead’s interaction with any YouTube video. Here are just a few automated actions available to you with Net-Results YouTube integration:

    • Add or remove the contact from a list, drip campaign, or nurture campaign
    • Increase (or decrease) the contact’s lead score
    • Send an email to the contact, immediately or on a delay of your choosing
    • Alert the lead owner of the activity, in real-time
    • Schedule a sales follow up task or reminder in your CRM
    • Change the contact’s lead stage
    • Send automated reports of video viewing activity to recipients of your choosing
    • Send a Webhook
  3. Segment Your Contacts Based on Video Interaction

    Net-Results’ incredible segmentation capabilities just got stronger with the addition of segmentation by YouTube viewing activity. You can segment your contacts based on the amount of the video they viewed, or whether they clicked play but didn’t actually watch the video. Interested in segmenting across all videos, rather than an individual video? That’s possible, too.

Net-Results Customers: To set up your YouTube integration, post your YouTube hosted video via embedded iFrame on any page that has your Net-Results tracking code. You’ll begin to see options to segment on YouTube activity automatically after the video has been played one time. Questions? No problem, just give our Customer Success Team a holler.
Let us know what you think, and how you’re using the new YouTube integration. We love hearing your feedback!
Happy automating,

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