What’s missing in most popular marketing automation software is focus.

That’s the reason we (at Net-Results, where we offer our own marketing automation platform) put out content like the Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide.

It’s because marketers (whom we talk to on a daily basis!) keep telling us it’s getting harder to see the forest for the trees. Marketing automation software has become complicated – too complicated.

Don’t get me wrong – features are nice. I like a good email builder. I like a good form builder. Uploading custom fonts. You name it. All of that makes my daily life a little easier.

But it’s not why you should invest in marketing automation. And the fact that marketers are staring themselves blind on features is why they’re not getting value from their investment.

(How many companies have you seen just blasting emails from their expensive marketing automation setup? Yep. That’s what I’m talking about.)

Marketers need to go back to basics. There are only two reasons to use marketing automation:

  1. To identify prospects whose timing is changing to your advantage.
  2. To build a relationship with prospects who aren’t ready to buy from you yet.

That’s it. If marketers (and marketing automation software vendors!) focused on that, and not on all that fluff, we’d all be much happier, more productive and bringing in more revenue.

Net-Results is actually purposely built to focus on those two things I just mentioned: to identify prospects and build relationships with them.

Does it have a good email builder? Yes. But you’ll see it makes it really easy for you to get actual value from it (in fact, 3x faster than on Marketo or Pardot, as you can read in this comparison report).

Come check us out and see for yourself. 🙂

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Henrik Becker

Marketing Automation Consultant