Marketing is all about perception and positioning. Just because the products are similar doesn’t mean the companies behind it are. My personal niche of marketing automation is a great example of this.

My company’s product, Net-Results, competes directly with the likes of Pardot, Marketoand Act-On in the mid-market marketing automation space.

Now, don’t get me wrong: all these products are different. And yet, at their core, they do many of the same things. Email nurturing campaigns. Website visitor tracking. CRM integrations. It’s all there, even if it’s implemented in different ways.

So, how do you differentiate your product when it’s clear, even to the untrained eye, there’s a lot of similarities?

Well, you look outside the product. To the company.

  • What does Salesforce Pardot offfer that’s different? The Salesforce ecosystem.
  • What does Marketo offer that’s different? A whole host of additional modules.
  • What does Act-On offer that’s different? Hmmm… good one.

What do we offer at Net-Results that’s truly different?

  1. Always included, free unlimited live customer support. You can get on the phone and on screenshares with our team as much as you want. All our competitors either charge you for this, or refer you to a partner consultancy.
  2. All-inclusive pricing. All our competitors will charge you extra for certain modules, integrations and (again) support. We offer everything at one, easy price.

And that’s how we’ve positioned a product that’s inherently not that different. 🙂

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Henrik Becker

Marketing Automation Consultant