When you hear the word “Facebook,” what comes to mind? If it isn’t that photo of Mark Zuckerberg on a surfboard…I can’t relate.

Just kidding! (But to view said photo, click here — it’s iconic).

Facebook was once the mecca for content marketing, but throughout the years organic reach has declined, Facebook Ad Manager gets more complicated every day, and many consider this social network a thing of the past.

Who can blame them? With the rise of Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., it’s easy for B2B digital marketers to question the efficacy of the platform, as well. Also, how can we forget, isn’t Facebook undoubtedly more popular among B2C marketers?

So…should Facebook continue to have a space in your B2B content marketing strategy?

I can’t leave you waiting in suspense any longer…


Facebook should continue to be a part of your B2B content marketing strategy.

I know, I know — it wasn’t the answer you (or I!) were expecting, but several recent stats show Facebook is still kicking for B2B marketers:

1. 46% of B2B marketers use FB, compared to the 33% who use LinkedIn (isn’t LinkedIn considered the head honcho for B2B marketing?)

We can’t imagine all of these B2B marketers are out of the loop! We’re all about looking to our fellow digital marketing comrades — until (heck, if) that percentage drastically goes down, we’re not abandoning Facebook any time soon.

2. Facebook is the third-most visited site in the world

You know what 1 & 2 are? Google and Youtube.

As digital marketers, we have to be where the people are…and numbers don’t lie. Despite the controversial, eye-catching headlines stating “Facebook is dead” — it’s simply not true. Your B2B customers still use Facebook, which means you should too!

3. Business decision-makers spend 74% more time on Facebook compared to other people

This one blew my mind (and sealed the deal)! That number is HUGE and provided by Facebook itself.

As B2B digital marketers, our intended audience is (usually) the decision-maker(s) of a business. We don’t want to waste time marketing to those who don’t have a say — sure, it’s exposure, but it doesn’t close deals.

Decision-makers live on Facebook, and so should B2B content.

4. Facebook has an advertising audience of 2.14 billion

Does your B2B content marketing strategy include paid ads? Great!

Then (according to this stat), for better or for worse, Facebook isn’t going anywhere.

The next time you’re putting paid ads in Ads Manager or trying to boost your organic engagement, just remember the importance of Facebook for B2B digital marketers.

It can be difficult to keep that in mind (let’s be honest, it’s a fickle platform that has caused plenty of headaches for our team), but hopefully we’ve convinced you to continue cracking on!

For more support with B2B content marketing, be sure to check out our robust Resources page — we strive to share our B2B digital marketing knowledge with you whenever we can 😊

Happy Marketing,

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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