And just like that, folks…it’s July!

We’re coming at ya again with some Platform Updates! This month flew by for us. We have one impressive platform enhancement to share with y’all and a handful of resolved issues — we hope you like what you see! (errr…read).

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June 2021 Updates:


Email Builder: New Menu Options

Per customer suggestion, we have added menu options to create Campaigns from within the email builder.

Issues Resolved

Dynamics 365: Adapt to New Requirements from Microsoft

The Dynamics 365 integration was adapted to updated connection requirements from Microsoft. There were some bumps in this process. We appreciate the patience and feedback as we worked through those issues.

Lead Scoring Settings in Campaigns

When a lead scoring action in an existing Form was edited to operate on a different Lead Score Overlay, that change was not persisting properly. Future scoring changes would still impact the previous overlay.

This was deftly resolved by an amazing engineer of masterful prowess.

Bounce Reasons Dashboard

The Bounce Reasons Dashboard was pulling bounce reason information directly from Twilio/SendGrid, Net-Results` email delivery partner.

We found that when you “unbounce” a Contact in Net-Results, SendGrid permanently deletes any record of that bounce, eliminating the possibility of seeing why that Contact had bounced.

Due to this, we refactored the Bounce Reasons Dashboards. We now record every bounce reason permanently in Net-Results, and power the Bounce Reasons Dashboard with this data.

Segmenting on Boolean (True/False) Values

Boolean custom fields now default to “false” rather than defaulting to “null” or “not set”.An adjustment was made such that, for any “boolean” custom field (at the Contact, Account, or Custom Object level), having no value set (null) is treated as “false” for segmentation purposes.

This better aligns segment results with customer expectations.

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