Fun fact: Social media marketing and B2B do go hand-in-hand. Are you surprised? You’re not alone.

Before working at Net-Results, I worked primarily with non-profits and B2C companies. Once I transitioned to a SaaS B2B company, I thought Instagram would be a thing of the past — there’s no way Instagram could be useful for B2B!

Boy, was I wrong! Instagram is a fantastically useful social media platform for B2B digital marketing efforts. In fact:

Hopefully by now you’re convinced — I know I am!

If you’re interested in building out your B2B digital marketing strategy on Instagram, take a look at some of my favorite tips and tricks!

1. Optimize your profile and posts

That’s right — SEO isn’t just for blog posts and web pages! You’re encouraged to use SEO practices and techniques for your Instagram account and posts, too.

Here are a few helpful ways to go about that:

  • Treat the hashtags on your post as keywords (this helps with search on Instagram!).
  • Put your target keyword(s) in your handle (username), your display name, as well as your bio.
  • Avoid blackhat SEO techniques at all costs. Instagram is an intelligent platform that will shadowban you if you’re thought to be buying followers, spamming other accounts, etc. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your Instagram account! Be patient.

On the subject of profile and post optimization…

2. Make sure you’re using an Instagram Business Profile

This may be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many companies drop the ball when it comes to just setting up an Instagram account. Don’t let this happen to you.

Be sure to sign up as a business account when creating your company/brand Instagram.


Glad you asked — here’s an excellent resource to explain why you need to choose/switch to an Instagram Business Profile.

3. Determine your KPIs and stick to them

In other words, decide how you will define and determine success with your Instagram account. Are you looking to garner high engagement (i.e. comments, shares, likes, etc.), or are you primarily looking to boost sales and drive revenue?

Like with any B2B digital marketing initiative, it’s important to establish expectations and goals straight from the get-go.

Also, determining your KPIs will help you to assess the data and make changes when needed. As digital marketers, this data is crucial when it comes to strategy.

Wondering which KPIs matter most for digital marketing? You’re in luck! Check out our blog post, “5 Important KPIs for Digital Marketing.”

4. It’s cliche, but it’s true: Quality over Quantity

When you first set up your Instagram account (or you start using it with strategic intention 😉 no shame!), it’s tempting to bombard your account with tons of posts.

After all, what looks more sketchy than an account with only one measly post?

To answer your question: An account with multiple, poorly executed posts!

Instead of biting off more than you can chew, set up realistic, actionable goals for yourself and your Instagram account.

Forget about what all the “experts” say when it comes to the number of times you should be posting on Instagram.

Stick with what’s manageable for you and your team to turn out thoughtful, helpful, and important content.

If that means only three posts a week, so be it! Slow and steady wins the race here. Focus on that quality and the quantity will inevitably come with time.

5. Use Instagram to communicate with your followers & other brands (even your competitors!)

Instagram isn’t just about posts. Scratch that — it shouldn’t be just about posts.

One of the best things about Instagram is the ability to engage with your audience, customers, potential customers, competitors, fellow brands, and more! The list is truly endless.

Posts are only one part of the Instagram equation for B2B digital marketers.

You must build in time and effort to respond to comments on your and/or other’s accounts, comment on other brands’ posts, answer questions in comment threads as your account — it doesn’t matter exactly how you do it, just don’t forget to engage.

6. Focus on the top of the funnel

Let it be known:

If you are trying to get direct sales from Instagram, you will most likely fail (at least at first). Instagram users aren’t using the app to buy something, they’re using it to be entertained and/or enlightened.

Use your account to post helpful tips, offer interesting insights, share solutions for common problems — that’s what they’ll end up following you for! Gain their trust, and once you have it, respect it. Social media, especially Instagram is all about gaining and retaining your followers’ trust.

7. Share videos

Whether it’s a quick 10-second animated graphic or a 30-second how-to video, be sure to incorporate some video content into your B2B digital marketing strategy on Instagram.

And here’s why: Images work well for B2C marketing, but for B2B, customers are more interested in how your product works — this is traditionally easier to show via video content.

So if you’re ever wondering, “Hmm…should I shell out for a videographer or video marketer?” the answer should be:

And if that’s a little too fancy for you right now, just stick to Canva to create fun, short videos for Instagram (psst…that’s what we do!).

Instagram is a necessity for B2B digital marketing efforts. It’s easy to be intimidated by its complexity, but we promise it’ll be well worth the effort and time.

We hope these tips have been helpful for you! If you liked these, be sure to check out our recent blog post: “Should digital marketers continue to use Facebook for B2B content marketing?”

The answer may surprise you!

Cheers y’all,

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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