Popular demand delivers again! We’ve added a new method to the Conversation controller in the JSON API. The new sendEmail method accepts two required parameters: email_id and contact_id and it does… just what you’d think it’d do (sends that email to that contact).

This method is of great value in sending autoresponder style emails based on any events of your choosing.

The resulting email is sent without delay (no delay that a human would notice anyway… technically it’s queued and handled by a queue worker, if you care how the sausage is made).

Important to note that…

  1. The email you want to send must already exist as a Net-Results email and therefore have an email_id that can be passed to the method. You cannot pass email content, a subject line, from address, etc. to this method as all of those are set when you create/modify your email in Net-Results.

  2. The contact you want to send the email to must already exist, have a valid email address and not be in a bounced or unsubscribed status. The API will return a useful error message if any of these conditions is not met.

  3. You may find it useful to retrieve the contact_id via the Contact::getContactIdByEmailAddress method or the Contact::getContactIdByMauuid method.

Here’s a link to the docs: http://bit.ly/LUtPiX
Let us know how you put this new API method to work for you. We love a good use case as much as the next guy!

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