Each month Net-Results chooses one of our worldwide channel partners to feature in a “Spotlight” interview. The organization we choose is a Net-Results partner with a compelling offering who is a leader in their industry.  We publish our Partner Spotlights to our blog and in our newsletter for people to learn from their experiences. This month’s interview with Rally Prospecting can help companies who want to have more conversations with qualified prospects before they are ready to be sold to.  Rally’s sophisticated online tool, Prospecto, can help grow your funnel to the next level.  Check out our interview with Erika Cannon, Senior Account Manager:
Q. Describe your company in 3 words.
A. Where B2B begins
Q. What is a common pain point in Lead Management you see with your customers?
A. There are two: 1) Not enough prospects. Our clients have only a few hundred – or a few dozen – when they need 1000s to find those willing to talk about doing business. Rally Prospecting helps find and develop more prospects. 2) No system to work through the database. They have names on an excel sheet, or in a Rolodex (remember those?), but not a systematic way to contact them on a regular basis. Rally Prospecting uses several modalities to work through databases, because constant and regular communication increases brand awareness, and the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to start a conversation.
Q. What are the 3 most important technology tools you use?
A. 1) Rally Prospecting: we have a proprietary process through which we find and contact prospects for our clients. 2) Net-Results: N-R helps us drip content in an organized manner, and watch and score recipient behavior. 3) Social media: by making contact through LinkedIn for our clients, we provide the prospect one more way to get to know our client and increase brand awareness.
Q. If you could, what would you automate in your life?
A. The coffee pot! While it makes coffee, it doesn’t empty the used grounds, compost them, and measure new grounds and water for the next pot! It’s a constant process in our office.
Q. What is your favorite social platform for your business & why?
A. LinkedIn. It’s the gold standard for business networking. It’s a digital handshake. It lets prospects know you’re a real person, and gives them insight into your company and your own professional history. And very few pictures of food.
Q. Worst email subject line you’ve ever seen?
A. I received one the other day from a well-known email provider that goes against all of the emailing standards, which was surprising: Start 2014 with a Bang! 50% Off Sale.
The really funny ones are in Japanese characters. Or maybe they’re not funny. I don’t know Japanese.
Q. What are you working on improving in 2014?
A. When you develop a software platform, there’s always work to be done. We’re going through one more major version this spring, then I hope we can live in it for a while. Since our clients work in the system, too, we’re constantly listening for feedback and working to make improvements and adjustments they suggest.
Q. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
A. I would like to talk to animals. We have a Maltese – a small white dog who barks all the time – and I’d really like to know what his problem is.

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