We’re happy to announce some very exciting news: we’ve launched our all new, mobile responsive, template-based, drag-and-drop email builder!

Quick Overview Video – 0:42
  The new email builder makes it easy to create great looking emails that are just as friendly on mobile devices as they are on laptops and desktops. Here are some highlights:

      • Drag & Drop – you don’t have to know HTML to make a great looking email


    • Mobile Responsive – The emails you build will look great on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop machines


    • Template Driven – choose a great looking template and add in your excellent content to create a great looking email in minutes


    • Email Client Friendly – We took great care in making sure it looks good in Outlook, GMail, Apple and Android devices and more


    We’ll be publishing additional videos and documentation about how to work with the new email builder. In the meantime, we know you’ll have some questions, particularly about emails you’ve already created in Net-Results. A Closer Look at Capabilities – 4:09


What happens with my existing emails?

  • Your existing emails have not been changed
  • There is nothing you need to do with your existing emails – they do not need to be changed in any way
  • You may continue to use them in existing and newly created Campaigns
  • You may continue to edit your emails and make copies using “Save As”
  • You may continue to create emails in the same manner that’s always been available (WYSIWYG and/or source code). You do not have to use the new drag and drop email builder
  • If you build your emails outside of Net-Results and paste in your HTML you may continue to work this way, we’re not taking anything away from you
  • Existing emails are not compatible with the drag-and-drop aspects of the new email builder

Your existing emails will remain editable and usable, but they will not become drag and drop. You’ll be able to work with them in the same manner you’ve always been able to work with them (WYSIWYG and/or source code)
Current Net-Results customers and partners are invited to join us on a webinar (which will be repeated) to take a tour of the new email builder and its capabilities.
We’re very excited to bring you this new tool to create great looking emails with ease. We’re anxious to hear your comments and feedback and look forward to delivering more great marketing automation tools in 2015!

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