We are happy to announce that one-click spam checking is now built in to the new mobile responsive, Drag and Drop Email Builder from Net-Results. With a single click, your email is instantly evaluated, letting you know how likely it is that your email will be marked as spam. This allows you to adjust your email content before it’s time to send.
The entire contents of your email – the subject line, text copy, images and HTML structure – are evaluated across multiple dimensions, comparing them to the characteristics of spammy emails to help you avoid getting blocked by spam filters.
Net-Results’ spam checking tools are accessed with a single click – whether you’re building an email using Custom HTML or the new drag and drop capabilities!

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Rather than creating this technology from scratch, we’ve chosen to integrate SpamAssassin, the #1 enterprise, open-source spam filter, directly into the email builder.

Many companies use SpamAssassin on their own email servers. The spam tests that Net-Results is running for you are the same tests used by many of the email servers standing between you and the prospects you’re trying to reach with your marketing campaigns.
As the number one open-source, enterprise spam filtering system, SpamAssassin is used by countless organizations around the world to prevent spammy emails from reaching the inbox. This makes it the perfect tool to help you ensure a high level of email deliverability.
Having a low SpamAssassin score will help you achieve higher email delivery rates!

This new integration with SpamAssassin means that you now have the power of a well-supported, open source software organization behind you to ensure that your spam checking capabilities evolve continually as the tactics of spammers change and spam filtering technology changes along with it.

SpamAssassin runs 712 individual tests on each of your emails to assess both structure and content in gauging the likelihood of your email being marked as spam.

To learn more about these 712 tests, see a full list here.


Unlimited Spam Tests, No Charge

Evaluating and correcting any spammy content in your email is quick and easy. And you can test your email’s content as many times as you like.
As you’ve likely come to expect from Net-Results, we’ve added this new capability with no additional costs or fees. Test your email’s content while you’re building it, or wait until you are finished, whichever you prefer.

Running Spam Tests on Your Email Content

At any point while building your email, you can check its spam content by clicking the “Is it Spam?” button at the top of the screen.
SpamAssassin will test your email in just a few moments. The results will appear in your browser:

Interpreting Your SpamAssassin Test Results

Your SpamAssassin test results indicate clearly which tests were failed and how many “points” your email earned for each failed test. But don’t be confused, the points you earn from SpamAssassin are bad!
Your goal is to build emails that earn zero SpamAssassin points. Zero is a perfect score!
Spam Threshold: While your goal should always be to have zero points, 5 points is the threshold at which SpamAssassin says “this email is spam”.
Your Score: This is the total score your email earned from all 712 tests run by SpamAssassin
Result: Based on the number of points reflected in “Your Score”, your email will fall into one of these 4 categories

  • 0 Points: Not Spammy
  • 0.1 – 2.5 Points: A Bit Spammy
  • 2.6 – 5 Points: Pretty Spammy
  • >5 Points: Very Spammy


To be clear, a score of zero points does not guarantee your email won’t be flagged by a spam filter. Many different spam filtering systems are in use, and even SpamAssassin’s scoring rules can be tweaked at will.

Below the “Spam Threshold”, “Your Score” and “Result” areas, you’ll see a table detailing each of the tests your email failed (if any). You’ll see the amount of points that were added for each failed test along with a short “Description” of what SpamAssassin thinks is wrong with your email. This makes it easy to troubleshoot your email and correct any spammy mistakes.

Ensure Higher Levels of Email Deliverability

The new spam checking tools in Net-Results will help you build better emails, and ensure that more of your content reaches the inbox. Utilizing this new functionality is easy, so log in now to start testing your emails!

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