Customer reviews can provide businesses a tremendous boost. They increase credibility and social proof. Prospects doing research will use them as part of their research process. A collection of reviews on various sites will help you increase your lead flow.
get b2b customer reviews
We’ve had substantial success getting people to review us on a variety of different sites that has helped us increase our own lead flow. Here are 8 tips to get more B2B customer reviews:

  1. Before you begin, it is difficult to get reviews on every site that has you or wants you listed. Use sites like SimilarWeb or Compete to determine what review sites you should focus on.
  2. Run a formal campaign. Don’t just informally ask, “hey, will you review us”, but create compelling email and social media copy and calls-to-action. Make sure you are giving them a link directly to the review form so there is no confusion as to where they submit the review. The more professional and simplified your request for a review is, the more seriously your users and customers will take you.
  3. Incentivize the campaign. Our sweet spot has been $15 Amazon Gift Cards for each review. Don’t offer to enter them into a drawing for a prize, however. Just give them the reward for completing the review.
  4. Ask them for their honest feedback. Don’t try to get only your happy customers to review you. You can learn a lot from less than favorable reviews AND you can win back someone’s confidence as well as having them edit their existing review.
  5. Get your support staff to ask for reviews. Have them directly ask after a favorable interaction and also include review requests in the footers of support emails.
  6. Bake review requests into your agreements. Offer them a discounted rate in exchange for a reviews at sites X, Y, and Z. This is also a good place to add the request for press releases and case studies.
  7. Put banner ads within your platform. We’ve successfully run campaigns that included banner ads to get more reviews on a site called G2 Crowd. It was very successful and we have more than 50 reviews on the site thus far.
  8. Get multiple users/consumers at the same company to review you. You may have 2, 3 even dozens of users of your product at the same company. Get everyone’s feedback on your product.
  9. Let the review sites do the work for you. Many of these sites will do an outreach program themselves to build up their own site and credibility. Dig a little to see if the site is willing to run a campaign for you.

These tips are simple to implement and getting the additional reviews will have lasting value to your business. Let us know your tips on getting more reviews in the comments below!

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