We’ve talked a lot about how marketing automation is all about timing, but what about saving you time? Let’s get right into it today with some hacks for saving time with marketing automation!

Autoresponder Email & Follow-Up Campaigns

This probably isn’t going to be shocking to anyone but one of the best parts of marketing automation (outside of immense amounts of data and ROI) is the fact that it’s built for email marketing.

Email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service.

The Balance Small Business

When email first became a true tool of communication for the average person, email marketing seemed pretty straightforward. (Like: a prince on the other side of the world desperately needs your help — just kidding!)

But as time has gone on, automated emails have become more important and more. Not only can you automate alerts and reports, which save time from manually searching through hundreds of data points, but you can actually automate the emails and types of emails your leads receive from you.

Let’s walk through an example: a lead comes to your website via a paid campaign on Google. They download a whitepaper all about the thing that your business does super duper well. Maybe they fill out a form that gives you a specific detail about the lead’s business — maybe it’s their industry. You can now automate the type of email that lead gets based on anything you want.

Having their industry marked as *insert a vertical that your sales team performs super well with here* saves all your team members time and money. Once those leads are warmed, campaign actions can remove them from the campaign and they won’t receive those specific lead-warming emails anymore. Time = saved!

Automatic Data Scrubbing

You know what marketers love? Data.

You know what marketers hate? Unreliable data.

We’ve all been there. I’m known around town for having a particularly low standard for disorganization; when things aren’t organized, I find it hard to even think straight.

And that’s for good reason! Nothing harms productivity like looking for files in a disarrayed sequence of file names, clearing out irrelevant contacts, and using lists that aren’t up to date.

With marketing automation, automation of your data scrubbing gets you one step closer to doing the things you really want to be doing. I mentioned Campaign Goals earlier, but Campaigns can also be used to do a whole variety of things like add Leads to lists or a whole slew of other awesome things. You can use those campaigns to qualify people for a scrub!

How does this save time?

  • The process of automation negates the need for a full cycle of data-scrubbing (although it’s recommended to continue a mini-audit once a quarter!)
  • Your teams aren’t wasting their time sifting through outdated information

No More Spreadsheets

Okay, maybe this is slightly hyperbolic, but when I say no more spreadsheets, I mean that you really could go spreadsheet-free if you wanted to. Or, at the very least, they can be generated for you automatically instead of having to compile each data point individually.

Let’s walk through it:

  • Using one platform in one place means that all the data you’re looking for is already attached to the contact via their user ID (aka the number that Net-Results assigns a contact to keep them straight in all the tables full of awesome data that’s going to help you get more revenue for your company). The UTM of their initial to your website, every email they’ve opened, what landing page they’ve looked at, what videos they’ve watched, everything is all available without creating conglomerates and pulling these points from various different platforms.
  • Every single one of those points I just mentioned also available to be Segmented on. Segments are kind of like filters; you can use them to chunk up your list of contacts in any way you want. Again, not having to put together all of this data; it’s already condensed down for you and easily accessible at any time. (You can also download that information as a CSV. Even if you’re really stuck on the spreadsheet train, we’re still saving you time 😉).
  • Not to mention that all of those points are able to be reported on with our awesome Dashboards. Clear, visual representations of your data are available at the click of a button with our dashboards feature.

Marketing automation is the best solution for saving you time so you can spend that time on things that will really help your business grow. Let us help you discover how it can become the missing link you’ve searching for! Schedule a free, 20-minute chat with our team here.

Cheers to your success!

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Sarah Augustinsky

Marketing Automation Expert and Consultant