Sales Automation

Ensure consistent followup. Scale sales processes effectively.

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Everything a sales executive needs to stay on top of their leads

Forecast: A picture perfect sales + marketing relationship

Schedule Tasks & Reminders

Help sales stay on top of leads. Automatically trigger reminders for sales to follow up with hot leads based on individual lead activity.

Send & Track Sales Emails

Keep in touch with known prospects by sending sales emails out of Net-Results, or directly from your CRM. Send real-time alerts to sales when a lead clicks on an email.

Alert Sales about Buying Activity

Send automatic alerts to sales in real-time when a lead visits a webpage or engages with a sales email. Give your sales team the insight they need to close deals sooner.

Custom Lead Reports

Set up customized lead reports for each sale rep. With Net-Results, your sales team will know which leads are most active, and which are ready to buy.


Scale Sales Processes with Confidence

Automating inside sales tasks ensures consistency and allows you to ramp up your revenue machine

sales automation tools

Stop Repeating Yourself

Automate repetitive sales processes. Get your sales team back to doing what they’re good at (hint: it isn’t following processes).

activity and data synchronization

Just Say No… to Data Entry

Activity and data synchronization with your CRM means the end of unnecessary data entry, for you and your sales team.

Net-Results CRM integrations

1 Hour CRM Integration

Net-Results integrates with leading CRM solutions. In just one hour, marketing & sales are working together to drive revenue.

Lead Management Guide

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