Best value for who exactly?

What are your use cases?

What is your budget?

Tell me this: what is the best value vehicle?

That question can’t be answered without a lot more information.

Do you need to transport 3 kids in your vehicle? Do you need to move 2 tons of dirt with your vehicle?

Different use cases lead to massively different answers, wouldn’t you say?

I’m founder/ceo of a marketing automation company (Net-Results). We’re an excellent value for companies with revenues from $5M – $500M and mainstream marketing automation use cases.

Is Net-Results the best value? For many cases and budgets, yes. For others, no.

If you’d like a real answer, please ask a more complete question.

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Michael Ward

I'm founder & CEO @NetResults, the 1st choice of people buying marketing automation for the 2nd time.