I’m the founder/ceo of a marketing automation platform and, as you may expect, we use automation to great effect all the time.

A successful automation workflow isn’t magic and doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s an example of something that’s working for us now…

  1. Run ads on Facebook/LinkedIn that target MA savvy marketers. Offer them some content of value. One offer currently working for us is a G2 Crowd report that shows Net-Results well ahead of Marketo & Pardot in customer service, implementation time, and time to ROI.
  2. Download of that G2 Crowd report adds those prospects to an automated workflow that follows up with an invitation to get our Marketing Automation 101 guide. We see large numbers of downloads in this step.
  3. Continue that workflow and offer more valuable content, our Marketing Automation Success Guide is one of those offers.
  4. …and so on. Each of these offers builds awareness of our (less well known than our competitors) brand, and provides value without any further “cost” to the prospect.
  5. Each of these offers provides clear means to engage further by scheduling a demonstration for example.

At the other end… MQLs, SQLs, & real opportunities. It’s currently September, 2018 and we have exceeded our sales targets by 85% month-to-date.

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Michael Ward

I'm founder & CEO @NetResults, the 1st choice of people buying marketing automation for the 2nd time.