It’s time for a fall update and we’re pretty excited about some of the great things we’ve been working on! Here’s a rundown of some recent platform updates.

  • Use Segments to Select Contacts Who Have Submitted “Any Form”
    You can now create a segment based around contacts who have submitted “Any Form”. Want to send out an email to a broad selection of highly engaged contacts? We’ve reduced the number of steps involved! And of course, you can still create a segment tied to a specific form if desired.
  • Manage Subscriptions From Your Integrated CRM
    • The Net-Results Iframe you see when viewing a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SugarCRM, or your custom CRM, now includes a tab for managing that prospect’s membership in Subscriptions you may have created in Net-Results.
    • Just as you can manage membership in various marketing Lists, you can now manage membership in Subscriptions from within your CRM!
  • We’re Now Filtering Out Web Traffic From Many “Bots”
    • You know how sites like Google leverage “bots” to “crawl” web pages like yours every day? Well, Google’s not the only one… Dozens of bots hit your website everyday.
    • We’ve greatly improved Net-Results’ filtering capabilities to exclude web-crawling bots from your page view results and reporting.
    • Bot filtering is now built into the Net-Results tracking beacon itself. This means it’s already in place on all the web pages you’re tracking with Net-Results. This includes all Net-Results Landing Pages (where we include the tracking beacon automatically).
    • You may notice a reduced number of website visitors and page views as a result of this change.
    • This improvement reduces clutter and helps you focus on activity generated by actual prospects.
  • Improved Pre-Launch Campaign Validation
    • A situation was uncovered that could allow you to activate a campaign without saving all the changes you may have made to that point.
    • We improved campaign validation logic to prevent a campaign from being activated if there are any changes that have not been saved.
  • You Now Have More Control When Adding GDPR Consent to Forms
    • You now have the ability to display the “GDPR Consent Granted” field as either radio buttons or a checkbox (checkbox was the only option in the past).
    • Whether using radio buttons or a checkbox, you have complete control over the text and language of all labels.
    • Toggling between the checkbox and radio button options is simple. Just follow these steps when creating your form:
      1. Choose GDPR Consent from the list of standard fields in your form builder
      2. Under the properties tab look for the GDPR Field type dropdown menu
      3. Use the dropdown to select either checkbox or radio button
    • Don’t forget to save any changes you make to your form!
  • Improved Management of Email Deliverability
    • Net-Results leverages “pools” of IP addresses for sending out your campaign emails. We monitor the reputations of these IP addresses automatically.
    • Occasionally one of these IP addresses can get placed on a blacklist (usually due to someone emailing to a rented or purchased list of prospects).
    • We’ve recently improved our internal tooling to help us remove any blacklisted IPs from a pool very quickly. This allows us to address the underlying issues while maintaining the highest email deliverability for the pool.
    • The result is improved email deliverability across IP pools 🙂
  • Extended Time Frames When Segmenting On Date-Based Fields
    • Timing can be everything in marketing, and we’ve taken that to heart when it comes to building out your Segments!
    • When leveraging dates in Segments, you can now use dates up 6 months before or after the date you’ve stored. This had been limited to two months.
    • Let’s say you have a custom field called “Free Trial Expiration Date”, and you’ve set that date to October 15th. An example use case might look like this…
      • Send Email A on the date of trial expiration
      • Send Email B three months after the date of trial expiration
      • Six months after expiration, add them to List C (which causes them to participate in a long-term nurture campaign)
  • Sync Dynamic Lists from MS Dynamics 365
    • You can now sync both static and dynamic lists from Dynamics 365 to Net-Results! The sync of dynamic lists is a one-way sync: Your List in Net-Results will be updated hourly such that it’s membership will match the membership in Dynamics 365.

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