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P.S. If you missed our last platform updates, you can check them out here.

Create & Launch a Campaign via the API

Send an Email to Contacts on One or More Lists

The new Email::sendLists() method enables you to send a single Email to the members of one or more Lists via a Net-Results Campaign at a specified date and time.

This method creates and activates a one-time Net-Results Campaign with a single “Send Email” action. The result is exactly the same as if you’d created the Campaign via the Net-Results app directly – the Campaign will appear in “My Campaigns” and stats will be available via the various Reports and Dashboards as you’d expect.

Pro Tip:

This API method accepts an email_id. You can use any email that already exists in your account or you can create one on the fly using the Email::createCustomHTML() API method.

You can choose to send your email to all member of one or more Lists. You may also pass an array of Lists that you would like to exclude to ensure your email is sent to the right audience. Optionally, you can add a description to your campaign and send the email at a specific time (in 5 minute increments).

The First Practical Application

You may have noticed this new method already in action with our recent announcement of our integration with FeedOtter! FeedOtter takes your RSS feed and creates beautiful emails and sends them with your Net-Results account (on a regular schedule if you like). This keeps your email subscribers up-to-date with your fresh and relevant content with very little effort!

Learn more about this API method in our Net-Results API Documentation of our knowledge base.

Custom Activity Stream Entry via API

You now have the ability to add custom entries to a contact’s Activity Stream via the API. This is very powerful for keeping your team informed as well as for recording all of your Contact’s activity, even if it is outside of what is happening in your Net-Results account.

For example, if you have a custom integration with a webinar tool and a Contact signs up, you can now record that entry to their activity stream.

Get the details of the ContactActivityHistory::addCustomActivity() method in the API docs.

Created-on Date Added to Contacts

As a way to provide even more information about your contacts, we now include the created-on date for each of your contacts. This gives insight into when each contact entered your Net-Results account.

To find when a contact was added to your Net-Results account, go to My Contacts and click to the contact details page. A timestamp will be display below the address section.

Watch for future updates as we plan to extend this capability!

Twilio Integration Update!

In our last platform update, we announced that we had begun work on an integration with Twilio. This integration expands the capabilities of campaigns significantly with the ability to send a text/SMS message directly from a campaign.

Since our last update we have made significant progress on this integration with the ability to create and manage your texts/SMS’s, as well as adding the ability to send a text/SMS as a campaign action. Once it is sent we record that to the contact activity stream. Please note that these features are in beta, but we will keep you up-to-date as we get closer to pushing this live!

Be on the lookout for future updates as we will continue posting as we make progress!

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