Welcome back to the Net-Results blog for some more platform updates! The team has been working hard to bring you new functionality and bug squashes!

P.S. If you missed our last platform updates, you can check them out here.

GoToWebinar OAuth v2 Update

We have been hard at work ensuring that our integrations are up-to-date to the latest and greatest. If you use our GoToWebinar integration, it is now using their new version 2 for authentication. This brings improved security and stability for any resources that you share between your Net-Results and GoToWebinar accounts.

This update was made completely in the background so no action is needed on your part at this time. It is already working for you!

Sneak peek: Send a Text/SMS as a campaign action!

We are proud to announce that we have started an integration with Twilio. This integration will give the ability to send a text/SMS as a campaign action from your Net-Results account. Sending messages as texts/SMS allows for higher levels of communication and engagement with your prospects.

We will continue posting updates as we make progress!

Bugs Squashed

We resolved a reported issue regarding form fields mapping to incompatible fields. The field mapping is updated so that only compatible fields are available when mapping to a custom field.

A reported issue on the list of landing pages has been resolved such that when the report icon is clicked you are redirected to the conversion report for that specific landing page.

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