Busy days here in Denver, Colorado (where the weather is messing with millions of heads used to much more sunshine than we’ve been seeing lately <grumble>).

We’re gearing up for the release of massively improved Dynamic Email Content capabilities. This has been in beta and is looking good! We also have several 3rd parties building apps and integrations on the Net-Results platform that we’re anxious to share soon.

In the meantime, we’ve got some nice additions and improvements to let you know about. Happy marketing!

  • New Campaign Reporting Capability: Breakdown Campaign Performance by List
    Sending that Campaign out to members of multiple Lists? Want to know the open and click rates for each of those Lists? You got it!

    When creating or editing any Campaign Report (under Reporting -> Reports -> Create New) you’ll now see a checkbox labeled “Include a breakdown of campaign performance by List”. Checking this box will cause the resulting Report to include a .csv file that details opens, clicks, rates, etc. for each of the Lists you included in your Campaign.

    Remember that you can now download a .zip file that contains and and all .csv files for any Report from the “Download Center” (Reporting -> Reports -> Download Center).
  • Ad Blocker Proof Forms!
    Darn those ad blockers! Some of them prevent the display of Forms embedded using marketing automation platforms, Net-Results included. This is obviously not good as it’s pretty hard to get a prospect to submit a form they can’t see…

    We’ve overhauled the manner in which Net-Results Forms are embedded on your website and in Landing Pages such that no ad blocker we’ve tested prevents their display or interferes with them being submitted. Ad blockers can still prevent field pre-population and progressive profiling – the ad blockers prevent us from “knowing” who any given visitor is, so we cannot pre-populate fields – but your form will still display properly and submit successfully.

    That said, there is something you need to do to take advantage of this huge improvement. You’ll need to re-embed any Forms that you already have on your website and Landing Pages. Sorry, there was no way around this or we would have handled it for you.
  • Updated WordPress Plugin
    We’ve updated the Net-Results WordPress Plugin so that any Forms embedded via its “Net-Results Forms” Widget take advantage of the new ad blocker proof embedding too. You’ll need to get the latest version of the plugin and re-embed your Forms (remove the currently embedded Forms and re-add them) in order to get the goodness in place.
  • Platform Navigation Updates
    It used to be that the first choice in the “Marketing Center” was “Assets” and that the only choice within Assets was “File Manager”. We’ve removed the “Assets” item and put File Manager right in the Marketing Center pull-down menu. Just a little change but still a time saver.

    Due to the all-new Net-Results Knowledge base, we also updated the various Support links that are available when you hover your mouse over your email address at the upper right corner of Net-Results. These links include “Submit a Support Request”, “Documentation”, and “What’s New”.
  • Some Bug Fixes
    We fixed an issue with the GoToWebinar integration that could leave webinar registrants stuck in a queue if the organizer’s “key” had expired.

    A bug was squashed that was causing trouble for people adding new domains on which to host Landing Pages. (Did you know that you can add as many landing page domains as you like in Net-Results, and that we’ll secure them with https automatically, all at no extra charge?)

    We solved a problem that arose for customers who were upgrading to SugarCRM version 9.

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