Welcome back to the Net-Results blog for some more platform updates and exciting announcements on things happening! Adam, Director of Product, here for another month of news.

Since our last update, we have, like many of you, continued to adjust how we work with the stay-at-home measures. This does not mean that productivity has gone down, however — in fact, quite the opposite! Our product, marketing, and customer success teams are busier than ever and we are dedicated to providing you the best possible experience!

Without our normal commutes and limitations on what we can do, some of us have found additional time and have directed this toward learning. Campaigns, segments, and integrations have been the most popular topics and many of you have reached out to our customer success team to learn and discuss better ways to build and implement these. We think that this is great.

These conversations have helped guide thoughtful improvements and have adjusted our roadmap accordingly. We appreciate your curiosity, suggestions, and are excited to see the ways that you continue to implement Net-Results into your business.

We hope that you and your teams continue to stay happy and healthy and look forward to a prosperous May.

Now, onto the updates. We took your feedback and are happy to announce the following updates over the past month:

Want to know more and see how these updates can benefit your business and save you time? Keep on reading!

P.S. If you missed our last platform updates, you can check them out here.

New Tracking Beacon

Browsers are making significant changes in security. We are keeping you ahead of the curve.

Browsers are our window to the internet. We spend a lot of time using our favorite browsers and rely on them for work, banking, and play. This creates a challenge for browsers that they need to be at the forefront of security. Over the next month, many of the top browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, as well as others, have started to implement measures to protect us when using a site that is loading items from third parties.

This change will start displaying warnings to the user when loading third parties resources such as your Tracking Beacon. To stay ahead of this, we updated our Tracking Beacon to be compliant with the browser’s request.

You do not need to update your Tracking Beacon right away, but it is available to you any time on the My Account page in your Net-Results account.

One more way we are working for help keep you ahead of the curve.

Pro tip:
If you want to get ahead of this change, we have the new Tracking Beacon ready on your My Account page in your Net-Results account. Simply copy the Tracking Beacon code from that page and replace the code that is currently on your site. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your customer success manager.

SugarCRM V10 Integration Update

Updating to the latest version of Sugar? We have you covered.

SugarCRM has released its latest version of their software with version 10 and if you are upgrading we have you covered. Both the integration and our package has been updated to work with v10.

If you are upgrading and need to have your Net-Results account be compatible with Sugar v10, navigate to your Sugar integration settings page under My Account.

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to your customer success manager and we will assist you.

Increased Visibility with Bounce Reasons

When sending a campaign, if an email did not go through it is important to understand why. That is why in addition to seeing that a contact is in the bounced status, you can now view the Bounce Reason on the bounce report.

To view bounce reasons, navigate to the Campaign Performance Dashboard for the campaign in question. In the Bounces section, download the CSV report from the dropdown. In addition to the contact’s information, there will be a new column at the end and include the bounce reason.

Attribution for GoToWebinar Registrations

Our GoToWebinar integration has been improved to now include the form or campaign name along with the ID on a contact’s activity history to give attribution to the form or campaign during registration. This added information can be found on the activity history as well as in the response from our Activity History Controller in our API. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sync List Limits Increased

If you leverage our integration with Microsoft Dynamics, the limits to the size of lists that can be synced have been increased to allow for smoother syncing for lists with a large contact count. 

This change was focused on our enterprise clients based on usage, but all integrations between Net-Results and Microsoft Dynamics will benefit from this change.

Increased Reliability for Zapier Integration

Our latest Zapier app has been updated to increase the reliability of your Zaps. If you leverage Zapier for sending data from your Net-Results account to another application through Zapier, this integration just got a whole lot more reliable. There is nothing that you need to do on your end, the update is already included in the latest version.

Facebook Integration Update

Our Facebook integration has been updated to write to the latest endpoint offered by Facebook. If you are using our Facebook integration, you already have this update and no action is necessary on your end!

Additional Updates:

  • Download Center Spreadsheet Size Limit Increased: If you are creating large reports and downloading the report from the download center, the processing of these reports will now be quicker due to size restriction increases.
  • Performance Improvements to Country field on My Contacts Page: Continuing on our effort to improve performance, we have made an update to the Country field on the My Contacts page. This change significantly reduces the loading time when that field is included on the page. 
  • Conversation Report Tags Bug Fix: When making changes to a saved conversation report that is leveraging tags, there was a bug reported about tags displaying incorrectly while saving. This issue has now been resolved. 
  • Auto Responder Form Submissions: If you leverage form actions and send a conversation email, there is no longer a requirement to have a user in your Net-Results account that matches the “From” address on the email being sent.
  • There was a bug reported that when using custom landing pages for managing unsubscribes, the displaying of that data was inconsistent. This issue was identified and resolved.

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