Welcome back to the Net-Results blog for some more platform updates and exciting announcements on things happening! Adam, Director of Product, here for another month of news.

Since our last platform update, our focus remained on major API improvements, platform security enhancements, as well as some exciting new features like email attachments on conversation emails in the API, new segment conditions, and report improvements.

We feel that the work that we have done (as well as continue to do) will bring major benefits to the platform over the coming months. We appreciate all of the great feedback and conversations and we encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and feedback with us and our awesome Customer Success team!

Now, onto the updates. We took your feedback and are happy to announce the following updates over the past month:

Want to know more and see how these updates can benefit your business and save you time? Keep on reading!

P.S. If you missed our last platform updates, you can check them out here.

Email Attachments Now Available on Conversation Emails via API

A much-anticipated addition to sending emails

We are excited to share the latest improvement to our API: including attachments when sending a conversation email through our API. The addition of attachments to the emails you send adds a powerful ability to communicate to your users beyond what was previously possible.

This is a feature request that addresses a wide-ranging set of needs. Adding the document as an attachment can significantly improve your workflow — whether you need to add a PDF to an email that a user requested or other additional information specific to emails that you are sending.

Attachments are available as parameters to the sendEmail and sendContent methods in Conversation Controller.

Documentation for including attachments as a parameter to the sendEmail and sendContent methods can be found here:

Periodic Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

As a Security Operations Control (SOC) audited company, we take our process and platform security very seriously. Over the last month, with a dedication to improving our platform, we have continued to work with third-party companies to test our systems so that you can rest assured that choosing Net-Results was the right decision.

With the pace of improvements with browsers and how we process and present information on the web, we have an ongoing commitment to protecting your data and making sure that the platform that we all run on (yes, us too!) is dependable and secure.

New “Is Mailable” Segment Condition

When creating a segment, there can be cases where the use of multiple conditions is needed to achieve the correct segment of contacts. When creating a segment of which of your contacts are currently mailable, this was one such case.

Until now.

We have created a new segment condition of “Is Mailable” that with one segment condition, you can quickly and easily generate a segment of all contacts that you can currently email.

What does it mean to be a mailable contact? Well, this is an important distinction about Net-Results. We count and display your contacts that are mailable rather than all contacts like some of our competition.

A mailable contact is one that is not bounced or opted-out, meaning that it is a contact that you can actively send an email to confidently.

With the addition of this new segment condition, you can easily create a segment of every contact that you can email confidently right now.

Improved Form Report with Added Contact Information

With a focus this year of improvements to our reporting, we have been making incremental progress to multiple reports. One such report is the Form Report.

That is, when you create a Form Report and it is saved to Download Center, we have improved the information that is included in the report to provide increased clarity as to whom is submitting your forms.

Since progressive forms display different fields depending on what information you have already collected previously on this form or another, there can be a case where a form is submitted without the Contact’s First Name, Last Name, or Email Address. That is, that information has already been collected on the contact record but may not be included in the Form Report since it is already available on the contact’s record.

To address this, we have added three new columns to the Form Report to match the information that was submitted in your form to the information on the contact.

The following three fields have been to every new Form Report that is generated; First Name on Record, Last Name on Record, and Email Address on Record.

These three fields offer key information on the contact and what was on the contact at the time the form was submitted. If a new email, first name, or last name is entered, you can easily see the difference in the form submission.

Update to Saved Cookie Duration

Recently, we announced important updates to our tracking beacon that help keep you ahead of the latest major changes that the popular browsers are making.

We have been continuing this effort and one such important update is to adjust the amount of time that a cookie is stored on a user’s device that visits any website or landing page that you have included your tracking beacon on.

The amount of time that a cookie is stored has been updated to two years from the last visit. If the user visits your website or landing page again in the future, the cookie expiration will be updated to two years from that timestamp. This duration of expiration is in line with how major companies currently handle it.

We will continue to monitor the important changes that major browsers are making and will continue to adjust accordingly to keep you ahead of the changes!

Seven Important API Method Improvements

Over the last month, we have made significant updates to our API (including email attachments mentioned above!). In total, we have updated seven methods that improve your integration to our API.

One theme that you will notice below is that we are moving toward using email addresses on multiple methods. An email address is a unique identifier in Net-Results. By updating these methods to accept an email address as well as ID, you no longer have to retrieve a contact ID with the email address. This allows you and your team the ability to get more done faster.

The following are technical updates that are available for immediate use. The documentation for each of these can be found in our API. If you would like to improve your integration to Net-Results, contact your Customer Success Manager and we would be happy to assist.

Additional Updates:

  • Increased Range for Date Conditions on a Segment: When adding a Date Field condition on a segment, the condition of “After the Date of” has been increased to 52 weeks extending the range for segmentation.
  • Improved Messaging when Generating Reports: With the improvements to the Download Center that we have announced of the past few updates, we added additional messaging when reports are generated, specifically if there are any issues with large reports when being generated.
  • Social Dashboard Bug Fix: A bug was reported and resolved where even though recent posts were displaying in the table, they were not displaying in the chart or totals sections on the bottom right of the Social Dashboard.

Sneak Peek:

Over the coming weeks, lookout for a very exciting announcement from Michael, our CEO, regarding something we have been working hard on behind the scenes. We can’t wait to share more with you!

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