Each month Net-Results chooses one of our global channel partners to feature in a “Spotlight” interview. The firm we choose is a Net-Results partner with a compelling offering who is a leader in their industry.  We publish our Partner Spotlights to our blog and in our newsletter for people to learn from their experiences.  Check out our interview for May with Ben Finklea, CEO of Volacci.

Volacci is a Drupal digital marketing agency based out of Austin, Texas.  The Volacci Mission is to provide tools that make marketing with Drupal easier and more effective. They provide marketing services that are the best in the world and achieve successful outcomes for their clients. They will train Drupal marketers how to combine their solutions with Drupal to achieve their goals.  They will help Drupal become the #1 enterprise digital marketing platform.

Q: Describe your company in 3 words.

A: Personalized Marketing for Drupal. ( “for” doesn’t count. )

Q: What is a common pain point in lead management you see with your customers?

A: The need to get personalized, engaging messaging in front of customers wherever they are – email, web, mobile, crm. With Automatr – powered by Net-Results, we are literally trying to change the way the marketing world engages with their customers.

Q: What do you love about Drupal?

A: Drupal is really 2 different things: it’s a software platform and it’s a community. What I love about the software is that it’s flexible. I can build great solutions for customers and even build whole new products – like Automatr – in Drupal. What I love about the community is the inclusiveness. We have people who have a simple blog all the way to WhiteHouse.gov and everybody in between. In this community, there is a place for everyone and support and love. It’s an amazing ecosystem to be in.

Q: What are the 3 most important technology tools you use?

A: 3? Sheesh. I can’t possibly answer only 3 but, here goes.

  1. My smartphone, the iPhone 5s, because it connects me to the world.
  2. Evernote, because it makes my memory 1000x better.
  3. Automatr, powered by Net-Results – because it allows me to automate parts of my job and get better results.

Here are some others, in no particular order: Drupal, Google, Skype, Git, Chrome, Gmail, Nissan Leaf, Nest thermostat, LED light bulbs, Basecamp, Sanebox, Google Hangouts, GotoMeeting, and Fitbit.

Q: If you could, what would you automate in your life?

A: Driving. Whether it’s a 3-hour road trip or a 20-minute commute, I hate driving! I will be the first in line when they start selling driverless cars.

Q: What is your favorite social platform for your business & why?

A: Skype. I get far more social connection and close more deals with Skype than any other platform. I have been incredibly selective about who I communicate with. I have all of our top partners (including several Net-Results team members), suppliers, and customers. It’s almost always one-to-one communication so it’s hyper-relevant and I don’t have to worry about privacy. Plus, I don’t have to log-in anywhere and wade through a lot of content that I don’t want to see. Twitter would be a distant second. I’m still trying to figure out Linked-In. I think it jumped the shark awhile back.

Q: Worst email subject line you’ve ever seen

A: They’re all bad. Seriously. As an industry, we need to get better at making emails more relevant.

Q: What are you working on improving in 2014

A: I want to become a warmer human being. I’m a typical Type-A personality so I want to learn to slow things down a bit and engage with people more.

Q: If you could have a superpower what would it be?

A: I love this question. I’m a HUGE comic book fan. There is a character in the Invincible comic book series called Dupli-Kate (gotta love that name). She can create and absorb an infinite number of copies of herself. Each copy is complete at the moment the copy was made and she gains their experiences and memories when she absorbs them. I’d say that would be my chosen superpower. I would be able to read more, learn programming, learn to play the piano and guitar, write more, spend more time with my kids, and change the world in a million ways.

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