Each month Net-Results chooses one of our global channel partners to feature in a “Spotlight” interview. The firm we choose is a Net-Results partner with a compelling offering who is a leader in their industry.  We publish our Partner Spotlights to our blog and in our newsletter for people to learn from their experiences.  Check out our interview from October 2013 with eZ Systems.  eZ Systems is in the business of Web Content Management Solutions and has been since 1999. They maintain a global presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Their large international business partner network is the foundation of eZ Systems’ success in the market.   Multichannel Web Content Platform is the Future of Web Content Management.  The eZ Systems team of engineers, consultants and partner managers enables successful implementations for their many customers and partners.  Check out our interview with Roland Benedetti, Vice President of Product Management, now!!
Q: Give us 3 words to describe your company.
If I had to use 3 words, I surely would say eZ is where ‘content means business’.  If you really want 3 independent keywords, I would go for #Content, #Business and #Open.
Q: What is a common pain point in lead management you see with your customers?
Connecting the dots – Our customers are easily finding solutions to solve very delimited, identified problems (like building a landing page, increasing open rates on an email, getting data back…) but very clearly, when they try to look at the challenge in a broader way, they have a very hard time finding a coherent, consistent and integrated approach to the global challenge of the lead management process.  As a direct consequence, they have a hard time finding an efficient system to implement it.
I could also say that, while lead management on the email channel is now quite under control, our customers have a hard time using the traditional web channel as a place where to nurture their audience. That is what they tell us and why they come to see us. To use a word more and more common in e-commerce, I would say that Lead management must be omni-channel, using all channels smoothly but also in a personalized and contextual way. This means there is a need to better integrate the websites and digital apps in the lead management process.
Q: What are the 3 most important technology tools you use?
The first one is our own technology, as unlike other Net-Results partners, we are a software company building a global platform. The core of this is based on eZ Publish Platform, an open source content platform that we have been developing for more than 10 years and that has a great community behind it.
The second technology I would name is PHP and the Symfony framework. Our platform is integrated but designed to be customized and extended, and thanks to PHP and the Symfony2 framework, we think we offer to developers the strongest and most powerful framework for developers to build apps and content-driven websites.
Last but not least, of course I have to name Net-Results 🙂  Marketing Automation and Demand Generation is often a key piece for our customers. It is also something that comes on top of the Content platform.  We could have decided to build our own marketing automation features in our platform, instead of that, we decided to rely on something more powerful: Net-Results. We call this the “best of breed” approach.
We use our own technology for the core content platform and we focus on developing powerful and seamless integrations with other technology pieces for other part of the global ‘CXM’ (Customer Experience Management) topic.   In that respect, integrating Marketing Automation, with Net-Results, is certainly the most important one.
Q: If you could, what would you automate in your life?
Typing – If I could automatically have my thoughts transferred into words on files, without having to manually hit some keys with my fingers, this would be a great progress.
Q: In 3 words, how would you describe Net-Results
 People – no joke, all the people at Net-Results are fantastic, and really always willing to help. This is the most valuable asset you can expect from a partner.  Focus – Net-Results knows where to focus on the product, and more importantly, where not to focus.  Smart – Marketing Automation can only work when the concepts below the system are smarts. Net-Results technology is built on top of very smart ideas. I expect the product to really develop way beyond what it can do today!

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