Hey there, Digital Marketers! I know we’ve all heard about the new social media platform, Threads, a lot in the past few weeks, but what really is it, how did it come to be, and should you use it in your marketing strategy?! Great questions – let’s jump right into it and answer them!

So, What is Meta Threads?

Just when you thought you had a break from new platforms and features to master, BAM! *Threads entered the chat* 

Threads is Meta’s new text-based social media platform, and new rival to Twitter. This social media platform allows users to share text with a 500-character limit as well as images, and short videos. Threads is an extension of the widely used platform Instagram, with the ability to retain all the same followers related to the connected Instagram account. Creating an account for this new social media platform is easier than ever. Though it is a separate app, you can simply use an existing Instagram account to log into Threads. This is a huge bonus for digital marketers!

Your starting number of followers doesn’t begin at 0 like it would if you created any other new social media account. Businesses don’t have to create their following and connections on Threads from square one. They get to keep their trusty Instagram followers and build their following from there.

The creation of this app came at a crucial time, as Twitter is currently facing some backlash from its users regarding new platform updates. These updates include temporary limitations on the daily number of tweets users can view. Additionally, Twitter has faced several technological issues in recent months making users unhappy with the overall performance of the social media platform. Many of Twitter’s unhappy users are flocking to Threads to see what it’s all about.

It’s a bit overwhelming to investigate a new social media platform and attempt to master it, but Threads is shockingly easy to take charge of, considering its connections to other already developed and widely used social media platforms. The interface of the app is simple and doesn’t have many new extravagant features to master, especially for those already familiar with similar platforms like Twitter. Additionally, Threads is a Meta platform, meaning most of the interface is similar to other commonly known Meta apps.

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How is Threads Performing?

Remember back when a hashtag wasn’t a known thing and successfully posting on social media deserved a trophy on its own? Yeah, we’re in a bit of a different world today. With each new social media platform comes an abundance of new users, new potential for businesses, and a whole new ballgame for a digital marketer. Each new social media platform seems to bring in users quicker than the last, and Threads is no exception.

In the first seven hours after the app was launched, Threads gained 10 million users. An article by Forbes put it best, “To put that into perspective it took Facebook 852 days to reach 10 million users while Twitter reached that mark in 780 days.”

Threads gained the same number of users in seven hours as Twitter did in over two years. That is the power of this new social media platform.

Should You Integrate This New Social Media Platform into Your Marketing Strategy?

Threads currently does not have a paid advertisement feature on the app, though they have said that feature might become available in the future. Having said that, building a presence on Threads can still be widely beneficial with organic social media traffic. Threads gives digital marketers a new way to connect with their followers and build a stronger connection organically while waiting for the paid advertisement feature to develop.

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Many of the top businesses leading their industries joined Threads immediately, and in the couple weeks since its launch, many known brands have activated their accounts and begun posting. A study done by Website Planet found that brands active on Threads were already seeing an average of 8x more engagement than they did on Twitter, especially for likes per post. This is a great sign for digital marketers thinking about threads!

Digital marketers everywhere are investigating this app to evaluate its potential. Many of them have already jumped on the Threads train and are actively reaching their followers on this new platform. If you’ve grown a large following and successful reach as a digital marketer on Instagram, integrating Threads into your marketing strategy is a great way to easily expand your reach and build a stronger audience. Even if you don’t have a large following on Instagram, the engagement rates being seen on Threads is an outstanding sign for success!

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The social media world is a bit of a never-ending adventure, but it is undoubtedly rewarding and an incredibly valuable contribution to your digital marketing efforts. Embrace the rapid evolution of social platforms and stay in the know about current Threads. Oops — I meant trends!

To your success,

Amelia Brown

Marketing @ Net-Results

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