And just like that…2021 is almost halfway over! 2020 felt like a lifetime, yet 2021 is just flying by. Isn’t that just the way?

Thankfully, we’ve used our time wisely and we’ve made fantastic improvements and updates to the Net-Results platform. Check them out down below!

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April 2021 Updates:

Feature Friday!

A lot of great enhancements have been released in May. Here’s an overview of recent additions and improvements.

New Features

Email Engagement Dashboard

The new Email Engagement Dashboard shows you when most of your email opens and clicks are happening. Check it out!

Ability to Resubscribe Contacts without Interacting with Customer Success

Until recently, you could “request” that an unsubscribed Contact be resubscribed. The Net-Results Customer Success team would then eyeball your request and make it so.

This process was put in place due to nervous lawyers that worried customers would opt-in those who had opted out just to hit them with more emails. We’ve been arguing for years that our customers are smarter than that!

And that argument has finally won out. Go ahead. Opt someone back in when you need to on the Contact Details page. 🙂

Ability to Resubscribe Contacts via .csv Upload

You may now resubscribe Contacts who have opted out via a .csv file upload.

To do so, add a column to your .csv named “Unsubscribed Contact”, and set the value either “0” or “false” (without the quotes). “FALSE” will work too!

You can also unsubscribe contacts using the same column name by providing a value of 1, “true”, or “TRUE” (also without the quotes).

Ability to Resubscribe Contacts via the API

A new API method was added that allows your technical team to resubscribe one or more Contacts.
Contact::resubscribeContact makes an Activity Stream entry automatically when your Contact is resubscribed.


Improved CRM Sync for Unsubscribes

It used to be that you’d need a Perpetual Campaign to sync unsubscribes from Net-Results back to your integrated CRM.

We closed the loop on this such that unsubscribes are automatically synced to Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SugarCRM, and SuiteCRM.

Retrieve Activity Stream Data by Email Address

The ContactActivityHistory::getContactActivity API method was enhanced such that you may now retrieve Activity Stream entries using a Contact’s email address rather than having to use their unique Contact ID. This is a nice convenience that saves time and effort for your technical team.

Syncing Salesforce Campaign Members

The sync of Net-Results Contacts to Salesforce Campaign Members was optimized to improve performance.

More Complete Data when Retrieving Lead Score Changes via the API

Correcting what appears to have been an oversight, we made it so the LeadScoreOverlay::getContactAdjustments API method returns not only all the score adjustments made during the chosen date range, but the total score for each of the Contacts whose score was changed. It’s the little things, ya know?

Improved Security: “Subresource Integrity Hashes”

When your website loads javascript from a 3rd party (Net-Results in this case), it’s comforting to be sure that the javascript you received has not been altered by a bad actor.

We implemented these complicated sounding “subresource integrity hashes” for several javascript resources to enable your tech team to sleep better at night.

Issues Resolved

My Contacts: Slow or Timing Out with Zip/Postal Code Segmentation

When filtering Contacts on zip/postal code, the My Contacts page was timing out for customers with many millions of Contacts. Some smooth engineering moves took care of that, and it’s now snappy!

Upload History Loading Speed

For customers with many thousands of uploads, the Upload History page was getting bogged down. Smart software people optimized some things and it’s quite speedy now, even with loads of activity 🙂

Loading Indicator for Email Clients Dashlet on The Pulse

It’s no fun changing a selection and wondering if your change “took” in the app. When changing the view of the Email Clients Dashlet on “The Pulse”, there was no indication that data was being loaded for you. We resolved that so you know what’s up and that things are working!

Dynamics 365 Integration: Funk When Leads Module Disabled

For customers who have disabled the Leads module in Dynamics 365, we resolved an issue where Net-Results could still attempt to create leads causing some weirdness.

Segmenting on “Number of Page Views Less Than X”

We resolved an issue where segment results were unreliable when using a “number of page is less than X” condition.

Bounce Reasons Dashboard: Some Bounces Missing

The Bounce Reasons Dashboard was pulling data directly from our email delivery partner, Twilio/SendGrid. We found that when a bounced Contact was “unbounced”, Twilio/SendGrid was removing the record for the original bounce. It was therefore impossible to see why a Contact had bounced once they’d been unbounced.

We switched things up such that we record all of these bounce reasons ourselves now and we don’t delete them if you unbounce a Contact. Problem solved.

Validation of Automated Form Submissions

Some customers use their own web forms (rather than ones built in Net-Results) and send the submissions to Net-Results automatically via code. This allows Net-Results’ awesome Form Actions to be triggered even if you’re not using a Net-Results Form.

We resolved an issue where validation of forms submitted in this manner could go awry.

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