Where the heck did April go?!

Our Product Team hit the ground running in 2021—their exceptional pace continues to astound us here at Net-Results. As a result, we have quite a handful of exciting platform updates and resolved issues to share with you all!

Keep reading to find out what’s new and improved on the Net-Results platform.

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April 2021 Updates:

Salesforce Leads: Syncing Email Events to SF Activities

Attention all Net-Results + Salesforce users: you now have the ability to push Email Sends, Email Opens, and Email Clicks into Salesforce as Activities (FYI: this was already available for Salesforce Contacts).

You may choose which email events, if any, to sync to SF on the Salesforce Integration Setup page.

Improved Email Bot Click Filtering

An increasing number of organizations are employing services that “click” links in emails and check the corresponding landing pages for malware before delivering the email to the recipient’s inbox.

These “bots” inflate click rates and cause problems for companies that rely on clicks to drive sales activities, lead scoring, and other pipeline efforts.

We’ve studied this issue extensively and have some updates to announce:

  • We’ve re-engineered Net-Results’ system for identifying bot clicks. We’ve made it far easier for us to experiment with and apply filters that identify invalid clicks.
  • We’ve implemented several new filters that are eliminating a larger percentage of bot clicks.
  • We’re blocking clicks from a larger number of IP addresses known to be bots.

Please let us know if you observe suspicious click activity in any of your campaigns. We continue to monitor the efficacy and performance of this filtering algorithm.

Improved Bot Click Filtering for Website Visitors

We updated the system that filters out web traffic from “crawlers” and bots adding exclusions for a number of IP addresses and IP address ranges.

Unset Values in Drop Down Fields via .csv File Upload

In response to a customer request, we made it possible to “unset” the value of any Drop Down field.

To protect your data from being unintentionally reset, you must submit “__MA_BLANK_FIELD” as the value for the field you wish to unset.

Here’s an example of what that would look like your .csv file:

More API Flexibility: Accepting Email Addresses Where Contact ID Was Required

To make it easier for your tech team to leverage the Net-Results API, we’ve recently updated several API methods.

Many API methods require you to pass the Net-Results contact_id in order to retrieve desired data. This can be inconvenient as your systems may not know the Net-Results contact_id for a given individual.

We’ve been enhancing various API methods so you may retrieve the desired data using either an email address or a contact_id. This can save a “round trip” to retrieve a contact_id before requesting the data you were after.

Two more API methods were recently updated to accept email addresses:

ContactActivityHistory::getContactActivity – Returns data from the Net-Results Activity Stream. Allows you to retrieve entries for a given date range, and allows you to filter for certain activity types if desired.

Contact::getMailingInfo – Returns bounce and unsubscribe status, List membership, and Subscription membership.

Issues Resolved:

  • An issue was resolved that prevented some list members from syncing from Dynamics365 to the corresponding List in Net-Results.
  • We resolved an issue that prevented successful cloning of Segments with Account level Custom Field conditions
  • We resolved an issue where contacts who have a space in their first name or last name were not getting registered for GoToWebinars when they submitted a Net-Results form that leverages our GoToWebinar integration

Spring has certainly sprung here at Net-Results and we can’t wait to see how you, our fantastic customers, utilize our platform to secure your marketing wins and goals.

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