March was jam-packed for us here at Net-Results, and we have some wonderful updates to share with you!

2021 is proving to be a big year for us as a company, and we look forward to sharing more updates and improvements with you all as we move into spring.

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March 2021 Updates:

Include Lead Score in Contact Exports

When exporting/downloading contacts from the My Contacts page, you may choose to include a column that shows each contact’s lead score in your default scoring overlay.

Streamlined Campaign Selection

We noticed that “draft” Campaigns were showing up in some places they shouldn’t (when choosing a Campaign for a Report, for example). Those areas now only present Active and Retired Campaigns as options.

Download the Activity Stream as a .csv File

In response to customer requests, we’ve added the ability to download the Activity Stream in a .csv file.

On the Contact Details page, you’ll see a button labeled “Activity Stream .csv”. It will look so much like this, you’ll find the resemblance uncanny…

Sales Alerts

By popular demand, Alerts now include phone numbers (both work and mobile) on record for the Contact that triggered the alert.

My Account – Find Your Product ID

Your Net-Results Product ID is a unique identifier for your account. You may be asked to provide this Product ID in some situations, for example, when installing the Net-Results WordPress plugin.

We’ve added your Net-Results Product ID to the My Account page to make this easier to find when needed.

“Pages Viewed” Report

A customer requested that the “Pages Viewed” Report could be improved by repeating the customer and account information in each row of the report’s attachment.

We agreed and that info is now included on every row in the report. This will make it easier to sort and filter the data as you wish.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Issues Resolved:

  • Fields previously selected for a contact export were not saving for the next time an export is executed. This has been resolved. Your field selections will again be remembered the next time you export contacts.
  • A bug was introduced that temporarily prevented the recording of visits when an email link was clicked. We were able to replay those clicks such that all the visits were created successfully.
  • We resolved an issue where IP addresses were not formatted properly in certain Contact reports and when present on the My Contacts page. They’re all good now!
  • We resolved an issue that messed with formatting in the downloadable Campaign Performance PDF.
  • We resolved an issue that could prevent branches in Drip Campaigns from executing on time. We shepherded some campaigns that were being led astray by this issue, getting them back on track.

Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope you enjoy these new updates and enhancements!

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