When used correctly, the impact of email automation is a huge positive – more customers, more revenue.
Even better, the results build over time. The reason for this is simple math.

The Fastest Growing Part of Your Database is Prospects Who Haven’t Bought Yet

Assuming a B2B scenario, you’re likely to accumulate dozens of prospects for every new customer that buys.
“Prospects who haven’t bought yet” accumulate week after week, month after month.
How many will you have accumulated after 9 months? 18 months? Assuming your business still exists, this never ends.
It’s the fastest growing email list you’ll ever have – and it’s full of opportunity. To understand that opportunity and get in the correct mindset about lead nurturing, you need to keep your focus on one thing:

They aren’t buying yet because their timing isn’t right.

Who do you want them to buy from when their timing changes? Capture a larger percentage of these than your competitors and you can grow your business materially faster.
So when a prospect’s timing changes, where will you be? Hoping they call you? Hoping they remember you?
Or will you have been using email automation across those 18 months to build a relationship and stay top of mind?
Lead nurturing has but one goal:
Build a relationship with prospects whose timing is yet to change.
And one purpose:
When their timing does change, they think of you as a great solution.
While there are real challenges in leveraging email automation (reaching the inbox, competing for attention, authoring valuable content consistently, etc.) email persists as the universal way to stay in touch with prospects.

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