If you’re a larger business with a large market presence, you can probably get by without at this point. As long as you attract enough traffic, you can use inbound marketing to convert that traffic.

But even HubSpot got big through cold calling, not through inbound marketing!

Considering how much content is being published every day, if you are a smaller business it’s hard to stand out. It’s hard to generate inbound leads if no one’s ever heard of you. They might find you, but still discount you as a small player.

Besides that, inbound only caters to folks that are currently realizing they have a problem. In many cases, they won’t actually realize it until you clearly lay it out for them.

That’s why cold calling and cold emailing is still very much a viable tactic. If you do your research and call or email the right folks, you WILL get favorable results.

We do outbound marketing on LinkedIn and through email. We research our prospects, we send tasteful emails and messages and we often get positive replies like: “Hey, I’d never heard of you guys, but now I’ll check you out!” after which they schedule a demo of our marketing automation software.

As long as you stay away from cheesy sales lines or annoying tactics, outbound is still alive and kicking!

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Henrik Becker

I'm Director of Revenue @NetResults, the 1st choice of people buying marketing automation for the 2nd time