Obviously you’re going to get some answers here that say “pick our tool!”. Indeed, I am equally biased, being part of the leadership over at Net-Results marketing automation.

So, let me make this brief. Using Net-Results, you can:

  1. Capture and nurture leads from your website. Vital if you’re a small team, since you can’t manually follow up with everyone.
  2. Deep-dive segment and lead score. Our abilities here surpass that of tools like Act-On, HubSpot or Pardot. If you’re dealing with larger volumes of leads, this is invaluable.
  3. Super-easy email and landing page builders. We’re talking MailChimp level easy, but then in a more sophisticated tool. So no need to involve IT, for real!
  4. Website visitor tracking + alerts. Ideal for the sales team, they’ll know when one of their leads is visiting the website. You can also trigger automatic emails if it’s a known visitor.
  5. Unlimited support. We’ll train and support you continually. No limits.
  6. No add-ons or hidden costs. Staying in charge of the bills is important if you’re a small business.

Come check us out, we’d love to help you grow. 🙂


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Henrik Becker

I'm Director of Revenue @NetResults, the 1st choice of people buying marketing automation for the 2nd time