Sometimes little tips and tricks can lead to substantial improvements with your marketing efforts. It’s my goal to provide some of these little tips and tricks that I’ve picked up implementing marketing automation these past 5 years.
Here is a tip to find new leads with marketing automation that I call “hot page flow triggers”. Your goal is to identify hot/common page flows to trigger events in your marketing automation platform. By doing so, it can help you find new leads and expedite people to the next stage in the buying process. In other words, convert people more quickly – a common promise of marketing automation.
Once prospects are identified in your marketing automation database, you can track the pages they visit. For most business websites, there are usually a collection of pages that, when visited together in a single session, clearly identify a hotter prospect. Often there is usually a conversion activity involved that explicitly creates the new prospect.
Sometimes those collection of pages are visited but the conversion activity is not completed. Create a segment to identify those prospects and move them into a follow-up series that aids in the prospect completing the conversion activity. Further, I’d recommend also setting up an alert for this segment that notifies someone in sales each time this hotter prospect has returned to your site.
Here’s an example:
Prospect visits Pricing + Clients + Features, but does not visit the demo request or conversion page. Here’s how the segment would be set-up using Net-Results marketing automation platform:
find new leads with marketing automation
I decided upon this specific segment because I analyzed what pages were visited by prospects who went on to convert to prospects (e.g. request a demo). The 3 pages identified (pricing+features+clients) were part of the session prior to demo request more than 80% of the time so I created this “Potential Demo Interest” segment to pick out people who were more likely to request a demo but didn’t actually convert during the expected session.
Think about this scenario for your own website. If you have marketing automation, you can glean insights as to what set of pages, when viewed during the same visit, most often lead to your conversions. Further, you can use Google Analytics Behavior Flow report to see a visual representation of the path people take before converting. Not only will identifying this common set of pages be useful for instantly being alerted to hot prospects, you can also include it as part of any customer journey mapping you may be doing.
Aside from people outright identifying themselves as interested parties (by completing a form or calling), identifying people showing this level of interest is a strong indicator of interest. Find your hot page flows and program the respective drip campaigns and alerts you desire.

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