Life as a digital marketer is overwhelming, to say the least (in the best possible way, of course). Make your life easier by incorporating and integrating marketing automation software into your everyday tasks and duties.

After all, marketing automation is a fantastic way to cut down on the redundancy digital marketers face — free up your schedule and use that big ol’ creative brain of yours to tackle a fun new project (instead of sending yet another email).

Today we’re breaking down 5 digital marketing tasks you should be automating so you can live a more productive, carefree life as a digital marketer.

Need a quick overview about marketing automation software before we dive in? Check out our free Marketing Automation 101 Guide (a fan favorite) here.

1. Email Newsletters

In general, marketing automation is a fabulous way to automate any and all email communications. Now, does this mean that your email content will be all AI-controlled and robotic?

To address these common concerns, we wrote this handy little blog post a while back. Check it out after you’re finished here!

Now, there’s a lot you can automate about your email newsletters with marketing automation software and that includes creating email templates and duplicating header designs to speed up the production process in general.

For more information all about how Net-Results marketing automation software’s drag-and-drop email builder can help you automate your email processes, check out our jazzy little landing page all about its outstanding capabilities.

2. Drip Campaigns

Marketing automation software is the perfect solution for your next drip campaign.

Automatically enroll contacts in a campaign based on defined criteria (based on your unique preferences) and send them the tailored content they want to see.

Drip campaigns are the perfect way to nurture new leads. But get this — you’ll be able to nurture and inform these leads which will ultimately increase your chance of converting them into customers and/or clients.

That’s what we like to call a “win” in the digital marketing world!

For a deeper look into how drip campaigns work with Net-Results marketing automation, click here.

3. Content Downloads

As you’ve already learned, marketing automation can automate nearly all email communications, and that includes delivering content downloads.

If you’ve downloaded some of our content, you’ve likely noticed how it’s done!

Marketing automation can set up automated emails to deliver content opt-ins like whitepapers, guides, worksheets, and so much more.

Instead of opening the content in a new browser window after the lead clicks ‘download,’ send them the resource using an automated email.

This makes the content they’ve downloaded more easily accessible in the future and it allows you to add a ‘next step’ CTA in the content download email they receive.


4. Lead Qualifying

Not all leads are meant for you and that’s okay!

But what’s not okay is wasting time qualifying leads that were never going to convert.

By automating the lead qualifying process between your marketing automation software and your CRM, you’ll be able to ‘throw away’ the leads that don’t provide value and/or do not meet the criteria agreed upon between your marketing and sales teams.

If you’re unaware of the greatest love story of all time (psst…it’s between CRMs and marketing automation), check it out as soon as you get a chance. It’s steamy and you won’t regret it.

Automated lead qualification not only saves you time, but also ensures you and your team are dealing with the best, highest quality of leads throughout the marketing and sales process.

5. Lead Scoring

Think of this point as an extension of #4 (lead qualifying).

Lead scoring is a major component of lead qualification and it can be handled entirely through marketing automation software.

Lead scoring not only assigns a “pass” or “fail” (aka disqualify) status to each new prospect, it also lets you prioritize leads by ranking them using numerical values.

Now, we’re absolutely crazy about lead scoring here at Net-Results, so we have plenty of content about this subject. If you are interested in learning more about lead scoring and how it’s automated via marketing automation software, check out these free resources:

Marketing automation software is a wonderful tool to help you automate all of those redundant, time-sucking tasks you face as a digital marketer every day.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what can be automated with marketing automation, feel free to reach out and schedule a 20-minute chat with our team. We’d love to connect with you!

Cheers to your success,

Lexie Robbins

Marketing @ Net-Results

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