There are so many misconceptions when it comes to B2B content creation. We’ve already discussed the importance and necessity of B2B social media profiles, but today we’re getting meta — we’re talking about B2B blogs!

All too often, B2B content creators leave out blog strategy and implementation altogether. They’re probably thinking:

“Blogs?! Those are only for B2C, right?”

Heck no. Blogs (composed of blog posts) are incredibly important for B2B businesses, as well. They increase lead generation, they work to establish a trusting, personal relationship with your customers, and they improve your SEO!

So today we’re going to talk about 3 different ways you can improve and enhance your B2B blog in order to improve lead generation, brand report, and SEO.

1. Divide and conquer!

As a B2B content creator (especially in the beginning), I struggled with delegating and asking for help. It’s a daunting task, after all. Writing 3-4 blog posts a week…who has the time?

When it comes to B2B blog post creation and writing, it’s okay to reach out to others and ask them to be “guest contributors” to your blog!

In fact, it’s encouraged.

People will get tired of hearing (rather, reading) your voice — spice it up a little and reach out to others who can contribute their knowledge and expertise. Not only will it strengthen your blog’s content, but it also allows you to take a breather.

So the next time you’re feeling burnt out or feel like your blog could use some extra “oomph,” reach out to someone you work with or someone in your field and ask if they’d like to write a piece!

Trust me, it’ll be a gift to both yourself AND the blog.

2. Solve problems & offer solutions

All too often, blogs and blog posts are full of SEO-heavy content — now, there’s nothing wrong with a strong SEO blog post every once in a while!

But as B2B blog curators and creators, it’s important to keep in mind that your blog visitors are usually looking for solutions.

Reading blog posts can be a great way to pass the time, but for your readers, imagine they’re looking for content that will solve a common issue, teach them something new, or make them aware of something they’ve never thought of.

Provide value with each and every post. The value will ebb and flow, but try to keep in mind that with each new blog post, you want to solve a problem and/or offer a solution to your readers.

3. Set up tracking

If you haven’t already, this needs to be priority numero uno for you!

Be sure to attach UTM to each and every link you provide in your B2B blog posts (see what I did there?).

UTM will allow you to see which links convert and it can help with lead generation and overall engagement.

The tricky thing with UTM can be implementation, but thankfully, Net-Results has your back! We have a FREE, easy-to-use UTM Tag Generator Spreadsheet that you can download and use ASAP — click here to grab yours.

Tracking the content of your blog and blog posts will ultimately allow you to make better data-driven decisions when it comes to future content creation. It’s a win-win!

Blogs are a necessity for B2B businesses these days — why not make the most of it and aim for consistent improvement? I hope today’s tips help you navigate this niche area of digital marketing. If you have any further questions about B2B blogs, email marketing, or marketing automation, don’t forget we’re just a phone call away!

Schedule a free, 20-minute chat with our team here.

Cheers to your success,

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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