We’ve decided to pause our regularly scheduled monthly Platform Updates for the time being. But don’t worry, we have some super exciting platform-related things happening behind the scenes 🤫

So, starting with the month of July, we’ve decided to highlight our fantastic Product Team here at Net-Results!

We have some of the greatest developers and engineers working behind the scenes to help make Net-Results the marketing automation platform it is.

It’s time to give them a little recognition, eh? We think so!

This week, we sat down with Scott Witsoe, our brand new Director of Product to discuss his professional background, his favorite thing about Net-Results, and so much more!

What’s your role here at Net-Results? When did you start?
I am the Director of Product and I started on June 14, 2021.

How long have you lived in Colorado? Where are you from originally?
I just had my 19 year anniversary of moving to Denver. I was born and raised in Seattle, where I first met my wife Heather. She is from Colorado originally, so about a year after we were married, we moved here to “try it out” for 5 years. Which, as it turns out, was closer to 5 dog years.

What’s your background with Product? Have you always been interested/worked in product development?
I have always had a passion for great products. I have worked at bringing to market everything from soft goods to software. I love the process of thinking through innovative products, gathering data from all available resources, and iterating in the endless pursuit of perfection. Software development grabbed my interest as far as I can remember. At one point I even trained in software development at a boot camp and shortly after completed a software development apprenticeship program. However, it was clear to me that my strengths lie in the product management side of the equation, and I leave the engineering to those much smarter than myself.

What has been your favorite thing so far about Net-Results?
We have a great team here. There are so many passionate and intelligent people! This is something that draws me to any organization as it motivates and inspires me.

What’s your favorite feature of the Net-Results platform?
The sheer power of the segmentation options. Deciding on how to connect with customers is only limited by the imagination of our clients.

What are you most excited about here at Net-Results?
I am most excited to work with a great product and engineering team and make a positive impact in every way possible. This includes redefining some of our processes with the team, and discovering new ways to deliver the highest quality product we can!

We have a great intern working with us this summer! Who are they and what have they contributed during their internship?
Dunham is currently a student at CU in Boulder entering his junior year this fall. He has been a machine working through tickets and helping refine our platform—he has been an amazing asset. Personally, it feels great knowing that Net-Results helps support the growth of new engineers and gives them opportunities to have hands-on experience, supplementing what they learn in the classroom.

What’s your favorite summertime activity?
Enjoying dinner with family and friends on the patio all summer long (and most of fall).

What’s one fun fact about yourself you’d like to share?
I used to own and operate an award-winning craft brewery in Denver.

Scott has been a wonderful addition to our Net-Results family! Our Product Team has always been top-notch and their skills and talents have only been amplified with Scott’s guidance and expertise.

We look forward to highlighting more of our Product Team (and Net-Results Team!) in the future.


Lexie Robbins

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