Reality. Sure, you can get up to speed on inbound marketing principles by reading blogs. Or taking the famous HubSpot certification courses. All good stuff. But the thing about marketing… you can’t just take a principle and expect it to work in the real world. No marketing plan survives contact with reality. You must take the principles of inbound marketing (attract folks by creating actually valuable content, genuinely helping people, not being pushy in sales, allowing people to do their own research and contact you when they want) and roll with them. Create that content, send traffic to that page, see what happens. Create a nurture campaign and monitor it. Adjust accordingly. What might have worked great with your last project (different business or not) might not work now. I’ve often tried and replicate things and it never works like that. You must start from scratch every time. Really think about: what does the customer need right now? Which pain am I solving? Why would they read this? Watch this? Download this? Buy this? At some point you’ll get better at quickly applying those principles to a new situation. But even then you won’t get it right the first time. And then sometimes, you do – isn’t marketing fun? 😉

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Henrik Becker

Marketing Automation Consultant