IFS and marketing automation are two of the most powerful software solutions on the market today. While you assumedly already understand the importance of IFS ERP software, you may be new to the idea of marketing automation.

You’re in good hands!

Today, we’re going to share all of the info you need to better understand marketing automation and learn how it benefits IFS users like you.

There’s plenty of information to share, so let’s dive right in…

1. What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is all about timing. Let us explain:

  • Marketing automation is used to identify the prospects whose timing is changing to your advantage (and you can sell them something)
  • Marketing automation helps build a relationship with the prospects whose timing is yet to change (so they think of you as a great solution when their timing does change)

This is the simplified (though, comprehensive) overview of the purpose and end goal of marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a robust, brilliant software solution that seasoned marketers like yourself can use to drive more leads through your pipeline, create more opportunities for your sales team, and enhance revenue growth.

For a full, thorough look at marketing automation, please check out our free Marketing Automation 101 Guide!

This world-famous (well, in the marketing world) guide outlines what marketing automation is and what it isn’t, why you should care about marketing automation (as a B2B marketer), and how MA can help solve your company’s current marketing pain points.

2. How does marketing automation help IFS users?

Marketing automation is the all-in-one software system to help IFS users:

  • Increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns
  • Improve and boost their organization’s overall sales efforts
  • Create scalable marketing and sales efforts for your business

Again, this is just a high-level overview.

Marketing automation is the perfect solution to any and all of your current marketing and sales issues or pain points.

Sounds like a bold statement, huh? We wouldn’t say it unless it were true. We are the one-stop-shop for B2B marketers just like you who use IFS ERP software.

Jonesing for more info on the benefits of integrating IFS and marketing automation? Check out our recent blog post, “Marketing Automation and IFS: The Benefits” — this should give you a good idea of how this dynamic duo can change the marketing and sales landscape of your organization.

Convinced that marketing automation is the perfect addition to your team? Wondering if there’s a marketing automation platform out there that integrates with IFS? Keep reading…

3. How does one integrate IFS with marketing automation?

If you’re looking for an expensive, 3rd party marketing automation integration, there’s plenty to choose from.

But, if you’re looking for the one and only marketing automation solution with a native IFS integration, you’re in luck!

Net-Results is the only marketing automation platform on the market today with a native integration with IFS.

To better understand why a native IFS integration matters and how it will save your organization money, check out our recent post, “Net-Results: The Only Marketing Automation Platform with a Native IFS Integration.”

If you want to integrate your marketing automation software with IFS, look no further. Here at Net-Results, we pride ourselves on being able to offer this outstanding, powerful integration at a reasonable, affordable cost. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about this dynamic duo and how it can improve the lives of your team.

Marketing automation is the perfect marketing and sales solution for IFS users like you! If you have more questions about our native integration with IFS and how our platform can boost revenue for your organization, schedule some time with us.

We’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions and show you firsthand how Net-Results is the solution you’re looking for.

To your success,

Lexie Robbins

Marketing @ Net-Results

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