When it comes to B2B digital marketing, it can be quite a challenge to come up with effective content that not only informs your intended audience, but intrigues them to “buy” what you’re selling.

Content marketing for B2Bs, and the type of content that works, is typically much different than B2C content marketing — and it usually doesn’t garner immediate sales. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it!

Content marketing and content creation is vital for B2Bs, but what sort of content should you be making in order to see success?

Find out down below!

1. Blog Posts

How meta can it get? We’re talking about “blog posts” in a blog post? What’s the deal, Net-Results?

But you know why we use them? They work.

Blog posts usually form the backbone of B2B content marketing strategies and it’s for a very good reason. When implemented, B2B digital marketers are 13x more likely to gain positive ROI with their blogging efforts.

And here’s why they work:

  • Blog posts are accessible and a low barrier to entry
  • They drive organic traffic (when they rank on search engines)
  • They provide valuable information about your product, your services, etc.
  • They aren’t (or at least shouldn’t be!) a sales pitch

If you need examples of some great B2B blog posts, check out our extensive Net-Results blog!

When in doubt, write a blog. It’s guaranteed to move you and your B2B content in the right direction.

2. Whitepapers

Ah, another tried-and-true NR favorite.

We love and recommend whitepapers for three reasons:

  • They should solve one singular problem and educate the reader and/or bring light to a new perspective
  • They’re stand-alone pieces that can be used in your blog posts for SEO purposes
  • They help potential buyers make their purchasing decision

That last point…that’s the one we love. You see, according to MediaSpace Solutions, 76% of people have used white papers as a part of their decision-making efforts when deciding whether or not to purchase.

We’ll be the first to say it: whitepapers can be time-consuming, but they’re well worth the time thanks to their educational value and their ability to sway potential buyers.

Here are some of our favorite NR whitepapers for your viewing pleasure:

3. Templates & worksheets

If you’re sensing a theme here in our recommendations, you’d be right…

In all, B2B content marketing should be about helping current and potential customers.

That theme continues here with templates and worksheets. You want to generate content that is useful and helpful to the prospective customer/current customer.

And honestly, what’s more helpful than giving them something (for FREE!) that helps them reach their goals, tackle difficult projects, or simply make their everyday life just a bit easier?

We’re all about free templates and worksheets — we love how useful they are and we love the positive feedback we receive when we release a new asset that provides value to the consumer.

Here are some great examples of a few NR templates and/or worksheets for reference:

As digital marketers for a B2B organization, we completely understand the struggle to create engaging, worthwhile content that informs and entertains prospective and current customers.

But honestly, we love what we do and we love coming up with effective content marketing strategies. So if you ever need support or maybe even inspiration, feel free to check out our Resources page!

Now go out their and kick some major content marketing booty!

Happy Marketing,

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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