Here are the key elements I see in a customer driven marketing strategy:

  1. Talk to them. Yes, it’s a hassle. Yes, you have to prepare yourself with good questions. But you’ve got to talk to customers (and you know what? It’s always fun – at least, for me it is!). And you have to do it frequently. Continuously gather feedback on what you’re offering in terms of marketing, sales and of course: product (or service). Ask them if it met their needs. If it drew them in closer. Adjust accordingly.
  2. Think for them. Customers can’t always tell you what you need, because, well, they don’t always know themselves. A lot of things in marketing work at the subconscious level. You’ve got to put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re trying to market to. Everything you do or say is contributing to their perception of you. Are you evoking the right image every step of the customer journey? Are you getting them what they really want or need?
  3. Look at the data. Data will tell you what customers really want. Data will tell you if your offer is actually resonating. Are people buying? Downloading? Otherwise interacting? If not, then they’re ultimately not interested – even if they say they are.

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Henrik Becker

Marketing Automation Consultant