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We have just a couple updates we thought you’d like to hear more about!
New Scheduled Report: Conversions
We’ve added a new report type, Conversions to the list of automated reports that you can schedule to be delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, monthly or right now!
The Conversions Report tallies the number of times any of your Net-Results Forms is displayed (Impressions) and submitted (Conversions). Whether your Form is embedded on a Net-Results Landing Page or on your own website, we’re always tracking Impressions and Conversions. We do a quick bit of math and show your Conversion Rate as well!
The Reporting Tool in Net-Results has long allowed you to send daily, weekly, monthly (or even immediate) reports to specified email recipients within and outside of Net-Results. Whether you’re looking at the last week or the last month, reports are designed to allow you to specify the date range and look at the data that is meaningful to you. You can also leverage the power of segments to customize reporting even further!
Want to generate two similar but distinct reports based on region or territory to share with your sales team? Simply create and define the segment you wish to apply and specify these in the report criteria. You can easily specify who receives the report by adding or removing their email.
The beauty of scheduled reporting in Net-Results is that you can have essential data delivered directly to your inbox (or your boss’s inbox, or the inbox of the department VP who places a great deal of emphasis on seeing the numbers) automatically and on a regular basis.
To generate a Conversions report (or any other regularly scheduled report in Net-Results) follow these instructions.
Don’t forget to whitelist as all reporting will come from this email address!
Non-Mailable Contacts Added to Dashboard
You may have noticed something new on the Contacts Dashboard. It’s now possible to view the number of Non-mailable contacts in your system, with a helpful breakout of how many were added during a specified period.
So, what exactly are non-mailable contacts? If you’ve been leveraging the Net-Results tracking beacon it’s important to know that we create a contact for each visitor to your webpage. Often, these contacts are anonymous–making them non-mailable at the outset.
It’s entirely normal to see a growing number of non-mailable contacts.
Overtime, an anonymous user who explores your site may reveal themselves, converting to a mailable user. Rather than losing key information on their journey to conversion, we’re able to populate some of this info into their contact file, such as which pages they visited and for how long.
Non-mailable contacts will also encompass those who have unsubscribed or who no longer have a valid email on file (such as someone who changes jobs whose work email is no longer valid).
It’s likely that your non-mailable contacts will always be significantly greater than your mailable contacts, just as your most valuable and interested prospects will only represent a subset of your outreach.
But, we believe there’s something to be read in a steadily growing number of visitors and what we can learn about prospects who will eventually convert.
You can view both your non-mailable and mailable contacts by visiting the My Contacts Dashboard located under Reporting Tab in Net-Results. (Go to Reporting > Dashboards > My Contacts). There is also a link in the top left corner of the Contacts screen.

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